Welcome to our new, new, NEW Website!

After so much work, “Little Flowers Family” finally has a real home!

This brand new home, is feature-rich for you! Everything from coupon codes that will now WORK, to order status, and and soon wish list features! Browse around our new blog, that we began nearly a year ago, filled with encouraging information, in both writing and video, about Natural Health for Catholics, Real Catholic Modesty and the Catholic Faith!

We have been so encouraged to meet you all and to serve you all. We are determined to grow so we can serve you better. Whether it’s Karen M. dreaming she came to visit me, or Karen M. saving us from a dead battery at the drive in, you are all like family to me!

As you can see, we are a family just like you; homeschooling, struggling to make sense of the world and aiming for a goal of heaven.

We began in 1996, on a wing and a prayer and have grown with a few leaps since then. We consider our faith a serious thing, not a hobby, so we take our business seriously.

We are not in business to succeed, but we are in business to save souls!

We value your trust, your time and your patience with us, and will do our best to serve you, fill your soul with encouragement and truth that you may grow closer to the one we all long for! HIM!

So, on this Feast of the Most Sacred Heart, we dedicate this new website, once again, for His glory and for the restoration of His Church and Catholic families everywhere!

God bless and keep you all! icon smile Home

Rita & family
Little Flowers Family Press

P.S. Excuse the quirks you might find here. Missing product images, shipping charges not quite right or dead links. Feel free to email us any you find or any questions you have and we’ll get them fixed straight away. Thank you!