What we have lost... Used with permission from www.abandonedamerica.us Our Lady patiently waits
and watches...
"More souls fall to hell from sins of the flesh,
than any other sin.
― Our Lady of Fatima, 1917
THE BOOK that God saved from our fire -
returns from the ashes!
It has a message
Our Lady
wants you to hear!
real Catholic Modesty
as Our Lady of Fatima
...will restore the Church. "Fashions will be introduced
that will much offend Our Lord."

Our Lady of Fatima 1917

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I am Rita, a writer & researcher.
I help Catholic women find the beauty in real Catholic modesty.
This is my blog –


I understand the immense struggles of Catholic mothers today wearied by the constant fight for their children’s souls. With the growing impurity in the world our children stand in the balance.

“I am blessed by your daily meditations. Thank God for the graces He gives us!”Kate
“Love your interpretation, Truly Traditional, Too bad you aren’t a Catechists Teacher! We could use more with your knowledge and wisdom!”Joyce
“Your writing inspires me, warms me. And makes my toes feel like something “is stepping on them”! This is a wake-up call to me to do better – to live my Roman Catholic Faith more fully. Thank you!”Deborah

As a former Hairdresser and Make up Pro, I understand the beauty we all crave and the balance we desperately need.
I’ve been researching modesty since 1999 and counseling families how to make it work in today’s world – so as mothers we can do our part in restoring the Church by our love of modesty!

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  • How modesty is the gate to protect chastity
  • How modern society is taking every advantage to entice our children with impurity.
  • How Catholic marriages are at risk, because of little known weaknesses in their marriage.

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