3 Secrets that keep me sane

 I’ve been thinking about you… I mean REALLY thinking about you…. news has been flying off the shelves (along with the toilet paper) Who knew 2020 would thrust us into a a lockdown that looks so much like Amsterdam in World War II ?
 How are you REALLY doing? I mean are you scared, worried, LOVING the extra time? Or like me finding you don’t have ANY more time at all, but just have more to do?
I mean washing groceries were never in my to-do list before…who knew it would take so long?
So on my Bad days (and there have been a few!)
Here are 3 Secrets that keep me sane:

1. WORK like EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU – That means get your hand sanitizer, get your masks out, stay home as much as you can, only going out for necessities, WASH those groceries YES!

2. PRAY like EVERYTHING depends ON GOD – well because it DOES doesn’t it? So much worry about this virus is all because we are forgetting God in this equation!

He is IN control.

HE is allowing this for our own good.

YES this is the chastisement the world deserves right now.

But that is okay. Because God also loves to do the WILL of those that LOVE HIM. And you DO love Him don’t you?  Well then, what do you have to worry about? 🙂

3. LASTLY. REMEDIES: We have an arsenal of remedies and natural things we can do to minimize our risk. That means taking immune stimulating vitamins like Vitamin C and D a, getting out in the sunshine and reducing sugar and alcohol intake. Elderberry syrup (that you can make yourself, is also good. We have been using alot of homeopathy the last few years and have had great success with that. Use what you have to STAY out of HOSPITAL.

 And those my friends are my GO to 3 Secrets that keep me sane…when I get off balance somewhere it’s one of these that are needing to be filled in… often its prayer...
Which one of these are you lacking right now?
Post Below and let me know how I can help you right now?
with MUCH love,
Rita xxo 🙂
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