Davidson Family Fire

5th Year Anniversary and …


Today is the 5th anniversary of our house-fire ! ? this was the photo of our house in full flames ?

Many don’t understand how much we have gone through in these five years. ?

  • Homeless for six months, moved 6 times in six months..
  • lived with no running water or indoor toilets for six months..
  • After 18 mths bought a house and six months later found mold.
  • 9 months later my mother was diagnosed with dementia and moved in with us.
  • Our special needs boys health started deteriorating from our mold.
  • I got Lyme disease last year and we are still waiting to repair our hard drives, and rid our house of mold and get the space we need for our special need boys put on this house.

Oh Lord are you tired from reading this? I’m exhausted! Haha ? But God has been sooo good to us!

We survived that day and the sun still shines! ??

Now can you help us raise the rest we need to get our life back in order?

Now can you help us raise the rest we need to get our life back in order? Five years is a long time to wait to get our life back from our housefire. Many do not understand the stress on our boys and the waiting we have had to go through for them to process that. Also the waiting we had to go through for every organization we contacted to help us only to find out they will not or cannot. We’ve been waiting 6 weeks for our new windows now and waiting on quotes for work. We are not expecting anyone to donate $50,000 (that would be a miracle!) but if this was shared with enough people and everyone donated $100 we would easily raise what was needed FAST!

$100 x 1000 = $100,000 YOU SEE?

Go to our gofundme website and DONATE and then SHARE this post! Thank you! ?????






With all our love,

Rita  xxo 🙂



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