8 Inexpensive Tips to Save you $$ Today


8 Inexpensive Tips to Save You $$ Today

by Rita Davidson

    8 Inexpensive Tips to Save, I originally wrote in 2006. I’m sharing it with you today, with a bit of editing, as I think everyone still needs to save where they can, even if we have gotten used to higher gas rates! J Enjoy!



Large families are especially hard-hit from the rising costs everywhere. We are especially vulnerable to the high gas prices due to our larger vehicles. This was learned, very vividly, when our van was replaced with an 11 seat passenger van.
Gas will not be going down anytime soon, even if we do get a little bit of a respite in prices, for the most part higher gas prices are here to stay. Both in the U.S. and Canada prices have risen sharply over the years. And just as the nicer weather comes they seem to rise again. We can only guess at the “coincidence” or perhaps conspiracy to raise prices when people are most apt to use more. But, I’ll leave that for you to think about…
Right now, we are concerned how can we save money on gas today, without costing us more in gadgets, or having to make us trade in our vehicle.
One thing that I noticed, as prices have risen, so have frauds that propose to save you gas, by just adding this additive to your tank, or attaching this magnet to your gas line. Be aware that if it seems too easy, it likely is. And many of these items are only making the companies rich and not saving us anything. Most of these newly marketed items have been tested and do not save any significant amount of money compared to the time and tested ideas I’ve gathered (thankfully from our mechanic!) below.
Here’s hoping these tips will save your families, much needed income for more important things:


1. Drive slower. Here is the cheapest and number one way to save on your gas. Reducing your speed to 55mph(80km) will save at least 10% of your gas. It makes a huge difference, we can attest, as we began consistently driving at this, with our large full size vans we could get much more mileage despite drives taking a little longer. Could we as Catholics call this an act of patience in our ever so busy lives? So, before doing anything else, drive a little slower for a week, and see if you don’t have a bit more change in your pockets at the end of the week. (and perhaps an increase in patience too!)

Other tips that we have found to be important continue on our list of

*To Do’s for Saving Money on Gas*:


2. Checking Tire Inflation weekly. Again, this is virtually free (or the cost of a good digital gage). Over or underinflated tires are both causes of poor gas mileage due to drag while driving (almost like driving with extra weight in your vehicle). Keep tires inflated to the PSI marked on the tire.

3.Keep Gas Caps Tight. Much gas is simply lost by evaporation. Something we wouldn’t even think about, but a good thing to keep note of.

4. Replace Spark Plugs as often as needed. As spark plugs fire, if they are dirty or broken they can waste gas by misfiring.

5. Air Filters Should be Changed regularly. A dirty air filter is just like not being able to breathe. If your engine can’t get air it will use more gas to mix with less oxygen and thereby wasting more gas while driving. It has been recommended to use either foam or cotton over paper filters as they allow the greatest air intake thereby giving the most efficient gas use.

6. Avoid any extra weight in the vehicle. (yes, kids are allowed!:)

7. Avoid idling when not needed. (like in those drive-through lines!)

8. Combine errands to save on trips out.

    Combining the above tips together will work to save you at least 2-5 mpg (miles per gallon) while not costing more than a few dollars, and some vigilant upkeep – while it will increase your gas mileage for months to come!

If your anything like me, you are still driving around a clunker of a van. Even though we’ve downsized to a mini-van, we struggle to keep up with the rising gas prices with all the driving we do. I hope your family can use some of these tips to save on your gas; as has become necessary in these days. There is so much we could do with an extra dime here and there!


What have you done in your family to save? Share with me!


God bless you and your families!
©Copyright 2006-2013 Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved

Adapted from the same article from 2006.


RitaMarkNov2012Painting2_optRita is a Catholic wife and mother of seven children. Mark is her ever patient husband. She reverted back to the faith when her oldest was making her First Communion. By then, she had completed degrees in Hairdressing and Make up artistry. She went on to receive a degree in Natural Health and another degree in Art. At age 26, Rita suffered a minor stroke. With no lasting effects, this dramatically changed her outlook on life. In 1996, Rita began ‘Little Flowers Family Apostolates’ to reach out to other families with her new found faith, by creating unique Catholic books and resources.. In 1999, she wrote the bestselling, ‘Immodesty; Satan’s Virtue’. She was editor of ‘The Catholic Health Letter’ for 7 years. She has been a homeschooling mom for 20+ years, and has written for various magazines. She is honored that families have trusted her with their questions, needs and concerns over the years. She continues to write and reach out to Catholic families with her husband, Mark and their 4 boys through http://www.LittleFlowersFamilyPress.com


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  1. Karen Avatar

    One tip that wasn’t mentioned above, keep up to date on your oil changes. Clean oil extends the amount of miles per gallon…and makes the vehicle drive smoother. 🙂

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Great tip Karen! Money saved, is money earned! God bless, Rita/LFFA

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