A Garden meditation – our hollyhock story

GOODMORNING my friends!

This hollyhock is VERY special to me ? As you know we got the “gardening bug” this year. After suffering with painful Lyme last year.. and as my face and health recovers and we wait PAINFULLY for our house renovations we began to garden… ?

Now I’m NOT a gardener in fact I was known for killing everything (except my kids thankfully! Lol ?) But something just clicked for us this year… (God I’m sure!) and I don’t believe in coincidences – all our plants here tell a story.. this is the story of my hollyhock.

It was planted two years ago from seed pods I grabbed from the plant after our house fire… it has waited two years in the ground and just the other day we discovered it…ALIVE. ?If you came to my house it would greet you… and this is so special to us as it too survived our fire and while once pink is now white to signify a fresh start with us. ?

Every time I look at it it reminds me of all Gods mercies and even though we may have lost everything… He has not abandoned us but is only preparing a great victory for us if we will only have the patience to wait for HIM to paint ? our story…Never give up on Him in your darkest days… all my sorrows have been so worth it… love you guys ??????

P.S. I’m writing this from the hospital where I am with my mom…so a prayer or two would be appreciated! I appreciate you all so much! Xxo

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