A new skirt for Christmas!

Do you need a new skirt for Christmas?

Would you wear this?

I’ve got this skirt on my wish list…well, I’m pondering it, as It only goes up to XL and I fear it won’t fit my size at this time…. (thank you extra pounds…)

But it’s soooooo pretty isn’t it???

It would be perfect for Christmas Mass and Christmas Day too!

It’s available in about a dozen colors, but I LOVE this ruby color for Christmas. Don’t you?

Christmas Skirt


ahhhh cue <dreamy sighs>

I know what your thinking “I can’t afford that?!”

But the good news, it’s only $20

This could become your new favorite skirt for Christmas this year! Grab  yours HERE

And if you get one, I want to see your pictures with it, okay? pinky -swear ? 🙂


With MUCH love,

Rita xxo 🙂


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*this is an affiliate link. Yes, I will get some pennies for if you purchase. 🙂


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One response to “A new skirt for Christmas!”

  1. Jennifer Hill Avatar
    Jennifer Hill

    That one is very cute, but I’m more into the v. late Victorian walking skirts! I also sew by hand, so I might just have to make an early 18th C ensemble, as well! With a high necked chemisette. I don’t do naked upper chest & neither did they. Except for evening wear. Even w Evening Wear, many women wore something light to cover.
    It always amazes me how something that was “verboten” during the day was FINE at night!
    However, there were some very pretty ways to cover involving gorgeous fabrics & lots of lace. My favs!
    Hugs & kisses! Jennifer

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