Are you Worried?

by Rita Davidson


I was thinking of everyone needing a boost to uplift the day for your daily worries. So posted a Live video on my Facebook page. There are so many worries out there, from bills to health to tragedies that make us shake in our boots. Some are worried about the President- elect Donald Trump Inauguration coming up Friday. There is bad news about that coming from every side, all the way up to Canada! <shudder>

Worries really run things these days. People have been worrying since the beginning of time really. Have 13th century mothers worried any less then about their ill or dying children then they do in 2017? Very doubtful.

Perhaps our worries about bills are new since we all all living in countries that give us everything we need above and beyond the basic needs. (First World Problems) We don’t worry about where we will sleep tonight (well we did wonder that after our fire, but I digress). But we have our basic necessities of life fulfilled mostly. So it’s health issues that tear at our heart strings and the tragedies that make us feel helpless and all the things we can’t have no matter how long we’ve prayed for them.

Our worries really out-live us it seems. Some of us have worried for so long we have forgotten what we are really worrying about. LOL

If you have any worries, I encourage you to listen to my video. (It’s only 4 minutes surely you have time!) J



I made it short, (since I still have that nasty cold and didn’t want to cough into your ears! Heehee ) But I hope you find some great reminders that God is always taking care of you no matter what. <3

What are you worried about? Post below and I’ll be praying for you!

With love,

Rita xxo J

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