Please pray for the repose of my mom



Will you ever see another sunrise?

Wear the Dress Challenge
How many of us woke up this morning and will never see another sunrise ?
God has not promised us tomorrow – and some of us didn’t make it to today.
Are we ready to meet our God?
The God who created us from nothing ?
And we can barely sacrifice anything for Him today?
I’m reminded of death daily – first with my own stroke at 26 years young, then walking out of a housefire in 2013, and now especially caring for my elderly mother with dementia. Today was another brush with the eternal … and I’ve learned to be so thankful for each breath I have.
In our “Wear the Dress Challenge” it was designed for Catholic women so in love with God they would do anything for Him – including spending 40 days in dresses as a penance for the insults and evils today.
Won’t you join us ? 
Who knows how many days God has given you to serve Him ?
Imagine His joy when you offer Him your Comfort of pants (they are awfully comfortable aren’t they?) as penance for your sins and the sins of the world?
I guarantee it will change your life as it changed mine. You have til midnight to decide – I pray you choose HIM over your comfort. You no longer have to be alone wearing dresses (skirts).
I can’t wait to see you in the group !
 Doors close TONIGHT, so we can hunker down for 40 days, making reparation wearing dresses together!
Join us now while you still can. 🙂
 Your soul will thank you…
With MUCH love,
Rita xo 🙂

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