The war is here (more bad news)

I couldnt even get out a “GOODMORNING” post on my Facebook page before sharing the bad news (you should join me there).

... I’ve had a busy morning with nurses and PSWs here for my moms Care and just gulped down one coffee ☕️ so my brain wouldn’t be fried.

The media continues to spin its web of lies about the Covington boys all so we won’t pay attention to what they are ultimately trying to do. Always remember that... Remember the blog post I wrote "while the eyes of the great are elsewhere" you can find that HERE.

ALWAYS look for what they are NOT saying... all this fuss with the Covington boys was just to sideswipe the amazing success of the 650,000 that showed up for the March for Life. The fuss about those boys smiles went VIRAL so we could forget about the blatant insults and aggression from the "Black Hebrews". If those two people can have that much aggression just wait til there is 500 or more of them! Jesus mercy!

And don't forget the latest news on the New York abortion law that just went legal, now kills babies right til birth! I won't even go there - there are NO words for this evil - read the story HERE.

But Now THIS LAW could be the beginning of the end for families...

Oregon Governor Kate Brown brought forth emergency legislation to begin mandatory GOVERNMENT visits for ALL NEWBORNS. (See full story HERE) that if approved would roll out over 4 years.

Did I just see you shudder?

Now see HER smile ? THAT is an evil smile. It’s purpose? To make YOUR family feel “okay” with the government watching YOUR family .

Do you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up? You betchya 👍🏻

Can you see what they are looking or watching for? Well maybe with the Clergy Sexual Abuse scandal they want to see if your Catholic?

WHAT?!? teaching your children about sin? Oh they can't have that....

The war has just come to our shores.... actually it's been brewing for a long time. Our Lady of Fatima said Russia would spread its errors..

You can't get out of this one... no you can't go hide away and forget you seen this. You can't just pretend it will all be okay and binge on Marie Kondo on Netflix . That just won't do. No.

You better start saying your

daily - family - rosary.

(me included!)

You better get yourself in the state of grace - pronto. (Walk to RUN to confession!)

You better give up your weakness for lying and being deceitful.

You better stop envying your neighbor cause their family just went on vacation AGAIN!

Husbands, You better stop cheating on your wife with your MIND - yeah I'm talking to you (you know who you are).

And wives you better stop cheating on your husband with your MIND, reading romance novels or binge watching romance series on Netflix like "Outlanders" which is just a glorified way to cheat on your husband! YES be done with it now!

You better stop watching those indecent movies cause, well, everyone else had seen them and.... (you secretly LIKE them!)

You better consecrate your family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The war is here my friends... it's time to suit up....


O Mary, Virgin most powerful and Mother of mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to thine Immaculate Heart.

We consecrate to thee our very being and our whole life; all that we have, all that we love, all that we are. To thee we give our homes, our families, our country. We desire that all that is in us and around us may belong to thee, and may share in the benefits of thy motherly blessing. And that this act of consecration may be truly efficacious and lasting, we renew this day at thy feet the promises of our Baptism and our first Holy Communion. We pledge ourselves to profess courageously and at all times the truths of our holy Faith, and to live as befits Catholics. We pledge ourselves to keep the commandments of God and His Church, in particular to keep holy the Lords Day. We likewise pledge ourselves to make the consoling practices of the Christian religion, and above all, Holy Communion, an integral part of our lives, in so far as we shall be able so to do. Finally, we promise thee, O glorious Mother of God and loving Mother of men, to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the service of thy blessed veneration, in order to hasten and assure, through the queenship of thine Immaculate Heart, the coming of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of thine adorable Son, in our own hearts and in those of all men, in our country and in all the world, as in Heaven, so on earth. Amen.

St Michael pray for us!

with much love,

Rita Xxo

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My heart is heavy …

I'm sure by now you've heard about the Covington Boys ? If Not I invite you to sit down first, and read up on them from these links:


Link to Full Story

now that you've caught up on this news and your sitting down... I need to share my heart with you...

This is a travesty of much deeper evils brewing..

I've watched the full length videos and read both sides. The Catholic boys were waiting to be picked up by their bus at the Prolife march. (INCIDENTALLY - do you this this whole controversy was planned to take away interest that 650,000 people were at the March for Life!)

They were being “boys” playing around and chanting their school anthem or whatever it’s called when the Indian man approached them and singled out that one boy, Nick Sandmann.

From his admission he had no idea what Mr Phillips (Indian man) intent was so he stood his ground to keep him from moving further into the crowd. He was nervous if you see how hard that man was beating and how close he was to his face. His smile was from being nervous.

Now to get perspective what would have happened if that boy banged a drum in the elder mans face? hmm ... I think we can see what's going on here.

Ironically this has blown up so badly and everyone has forgotten the “black hebrews” that were hurling insults at the boys (and others) called the boys terrible names, (faggots, incest kids, white crackers, racist..) and making fun of the Catholic faith, and insulting blacks and Indians too.

But listen to the insults from another Indian man to the boys - they were telling the boys to "leave this land", it’s not THEIR LAND it belongs to them (Indians). <Insert shocked face>

Now THAT sounds a lot like the words and anger we seen in South Africa 2018 where they are slaughtering whites there for the same reason. It's THEIR LAND.

There is a growing worldwide movement of hate towards white people now. How did we get here?!

Those Black Hebrews and this Indian man Mr Phillips were shouting that hatred for all to hear. You can watch a whole hour long video and listen to it painfully yourself HERE.

Ironically it is this boys SMILE that is creating this anger and hate being thrown at them.

Yes the goodness in this boy is what is driving up the hatred and lies. This is what scares me... (more on this in another post).

At the end when the police show up the “black hebrews” sound docile and say they were protected by angels with that “mob surrounding them" yet it was the Black Hebrews that we’re agitating the crowd.

These were trained people. You can’t agitate a crowd like that unless your trained how to argue and manipulate. And the Indian man, Mr Phillips is a professional and has been at other places agitating the crowds.

Other sources say he is not a true elder or a Vietnam vet either. If you read his statements he is lying and manipulative. Something wicked is brewing here people and it makes my heart heavy...

All we need to see is two groups of men, one obviously violent the other questionable and they can't find fault with them but only the smiling boy is at fault... Can we not see this for what it really is?

What can we do?

1. We must consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate heart of Mary for she is our refuge and our strength. Say your rosary for God to provide us what is needed if the time comes for us, like those boys.

2. PRAY to St Michael DAILY for protection - DAILY

2. Educate yourself and your children about the faith and what's at stake in this battle.

3. Sign the PETITION for these boys and defend them as well as you can with friends and family and on social media with HASHTAG #istandwithcovington

Sign the petition HERE

And please my friends do not lose hope. PRAY to St Michael daily. We must be willing to use the spiritual weapons at our disposal. Others may scoff at what they cannot see, but we know we have all of Heaven on our side!

* St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our safeguard and protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

With much love,

Rita Xxo

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Amen.* #stmichael #rosaryforprotection #istandwithcovingtoncatholic #eviltimes #godswillbedone

My prayer for 2019

Happy New Years !! The day started out uneventful.... but as the day drew on I became more introspective and sick..... here are my thoughts on 2019 and my prayer.... I hope you enjoy...

"Oooh my sweet Lord... my prayer in 2019 for YOU!

Oh that nations may adore Thee, that broken hearts will find Thee, that lonely souls will find Thee and that the weary may find rest in Thee.. that cold hearts may be warmed by the flames of Your love ❤️ and all our loved ones who have forgotten Thee will find You again... our hearts are truly restless til they rest in Thee.. my prayer for 2019

and later New Year's Day....

Happy New Year my friends. I’m so thankful for another year to praise God with my life. it’s been a long day and our house is starting the year with the cold/flu season... and it’s my turn... 100F temperature and chills... but all I could do was laugh... and then cry as hubby did the House Blessing for today... *

O Lord let me be your fool that there may be no pride left in me... that all who see me may only see Christ in me... let’s make this year one of Peace and love for Jesus our King

well my first indication that God took my prayer seriously is I was alerted that we did this House Blessing on the WRONG day.. Ohh yes and I blasted it on social media for all to see too. O Lord help me.... such a fool that I am..

I guess when you have flu-brain you can be forgiven. Right God? But having my husband do this blessing well that sealed about everything for me. No wonder I was laughing and crying... as many of you might remember hubby isn't Catholic... (shhh don't tell him!) so ladies never stop praying for your man... with God all things are possible!

with much love in 2019

Rita Xxo

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Happy New Year and a year in review

My year in review with my #topnine posts of this year.. ahh was an Instagram thing but hope Facebook enjoyed as I’m too tired to care! Haha 🤣

1️⃣ A big part of our year was renovations and repairs to our home.

2️⃣ And going without a kitchen for 50 days 😮

3️⃣Then my all new online Skin Care Consults I began this past year... but sadly no webinars due to all the disruption to our home. 😢

4️⃣ My mothers smile warms my heart ♥️

5️⃣ my mother’s ongoing care for her dementia and is now bedridden from her arthritis. But we are so thankful to have her with us.

6️⃣Me and all the weight I lost because of my Lyme disease... 🤩 oh it was so nice to be skinny! (For a while) 😢🤩

7️⃣All my fashion post ideas to help all you ladies feel beautiful in dress/skirts all year! 👗(did it work?)

8️⃣ And “Cheers” to Mark and I for another anniversary year.. 33 now praise God! 😍🙏

9️⃣Lastly, my smile 😃 is starting to come back and surprised me right before Christmas 🎄!!!! Yay !!!! So much to be thankful for ! 🤩🎉🎄🎊

What’s your biggest takeaways from your year?

What progress have you made to be thankful for? Share your #topnine with me! 🎉🎊🎄🤩

With much love for a healthy, happy New Year!

Rita & family


I didn't forget about Christmas but couldn't bear to send Christmas wishes when I knew your email boxes were being overwhelmed by every sale.... so here's Merry Christmastide to you!!!

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Can you wear a skirt to the Chiropractor ?

by Rita Davidson

I got this question from Amy, the other day,

"Does it work out wearing a skirt to the chiropractor? Are you able to get on the table and get manipulated with a skirt?"

and thought that was a GREAT question!

In fact I wasn't sure when I began going to the chiropractor for my Lyme a year ago either...

On a side note, it's been a year, August 2018, since I got my Lyme... I have some lasting issues I'm working on including being unbalanced, and some muscle pain as well as my Bells Palsy improved, but still in force... so I'm looking at some alternative options for the rest of my Lyme and will post an update on that soon... back to the Chiropractor...

So when I began going to the chiropractor I didn't know what to expect...actually I was too much in pain to care.... but when I do anything I NEVER think - "CAN I do this in a skirt?" That question doesn't even surface.... I just DO IT.

And if I run into problems later, I just deal with it then! Too many women change to pants because they "imagine" all these issues wearing skirts that actually are not real problems at all!

So I've been going for adjustments for a year before I really thought about this, but realized I did make some adjustments for my visits such as:

  • 1. I prefer to wear long maxi skirts. I choose these as they are stretchy and comfortable. This makes it easier to adjust and getting on and off the table. The table is just well, just like a bench to sit on...its not like your climbing UP on it.. (unless your chiropractor is well not like mine?)

I've had adjustments on my back and on my stomach and all visits with a maxi skirt.

  • 2. I will add a pair of biking shorts under my maxi skirt, just in case I have to lift my legs while getting adjusted.

That's about it. Now I know every chiropractor is different and some are very physical so perhaps I am lucky with ours? If yours is very physical with adjustments wear biking shorts under a maxi skirt for modesty sake.

This is an example of a chiropractor visit day... I'm wearing a pink velvet maxi that I made last year. Which reminds me I need to make some more.... 🙂

Another point I've noticed is that when you wear skirts where you normally would not. It brings out new opportunities for others to step up ... I have more to write on this subject another time...but wearing skirts goes both protects your modesty and helps you develop a deeper relationship with God, while YOUR modesty trains OTHERS who see you. I'm not kidding. Others who see you, adjust themselves mentally for your skirts, and it works nearly every time. They suddenly develop respect for you that was missing before. You don't have to SAY a thing. All you have to do is BE.

And I'm not kidding when I say that it is YOUR beautiful modesty that will change the world...starting right where you are.

So why not start today?

With love,

Rita xxo 🙂


Let me know what you struggle with?  and I'll be happy to solve it for you!

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