Lenten Meditations – Beautify your soul

Well, lent is in full swing, and so far I’ve survived the sugar detox… I really was hoping this would be a good lent. You know, the one when it’s all over you breathe a sigh of relief, because, all those rules are finally relaxed and the joy that fills your heart both literally and spiritually? Well, I say, God just KNEW what He was doing, didn’t He?

Anyhow, often my Lent means I trudge through and by the time Easter comes I don’t have that great relief because I”ve forgotten all the plans and feel deflated… you know what I mean?

So this year, I got the idea (well I really think God gave me this idea!) to read from a book on Meditations on the Passion from 1915… You see, I have a thing for old books, I mean really old books. They just smell so nice and even look pretty all yellowed and such… yeah I might be a little wierd I know? 🙂  So I didn’t know what I was getting into but I committed to this both for myself and turns out for everyone watching love it!

I know many of you are not on Facebook  so I can’t put them all here, but here is one for you. If you can, come on over and watch others. I am trying to go live at 8pm EST daily for reading til Easter. (The least you can do is pray for me!)

Please forgive the blurryness… I have found out our internet is not so great and you can’t downgrade the settings on Facebook so, sorry. But you can hear it just fine!

We are discovering neat points to ponder from St Peter being a sleepy disciple, to Judas and how much mercy Jesus showed him…

The first day I read, my video was sideways the whole time. Lord have mercy!

The next day there was another hiccup..it seems every day has something or another. So I’ve taken to praying before we start reading. It’s so popular we are already talking about reading from another book after this!
Let me know what you think? and if you can join me live on Facebook please do!

Praying your lent is a blessed one!




With much love,

Rita xxo

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Have you fallen into a modesty slump?

Have you fallen into a modesty slump?!


Modesty is one of the hardest virtues to acquire – because it has a way of pinching our soul (Pinching our pride) in such a personal way (Ouch what do you mean I can’t wear THIS?!) that we, at first, recoil from it!

When, by the grace of God, Our eyes are finally opened, we feel such a rush of joy to be modest it blinds us to everything else. Blinds us to what we are wearing because we are just happy to be modest!


That first honeymoon rush of being modest soon wears off, and we are faced with a lull that wants to tempt us to give up….

Is this you?

That’s where I come in… if you have been modest but fell off the wagon, reach out to me.

Post below or message me… I’m am a beauty coach for Catholic women and I’m here to serve you and help you out of your modesty slump.

How can I help YOU on your modesty journey?


Little Flowers Family PressWith much love,

Rita xxo 🙂


(C) Copyright 2020 Rita Davidson & Little Flowers Family Press All Rights Reserved