Can you wear a skirt to the Chiropractor ?

by Rita Davidson

I got this question from Amy, the other day,

"Does it work out wearing a skirt to the chiropractor? Are you able to get on the table and get manipulated with a skirt?"

and thought that was a GREAT question!

In fact I wasn't sure when I began going to the chiropractor for my Lyme a year ago either...

On a side note, it's been a year, August 2018, since I got my Lyme... I have some lasting issues I'm working on including being unbalanced, and some muscle pain as well as my Bells Palsy improved, but still in force... so I'm looking at some alternative options for the rest of my Lyme and will post an update on that soon... back to the Chiropractor...

So when I began going to the chiropractor I didn't know what to expect...actually I was too much in pain to care.... but when I do anything I NEVER think - "CAN I do this in a skirt?" That question doesn't even surface.... I just DO IT.

And if I run into problems later, I just deal with it then! Too many women change to pants because they "imagine" all these issues wearing skirts that actually are not real problems at all!

So I've been going for adjustments for a year before I really thought about this, but realized I did make some adjustments for my visits such as:

  • 1. I prefer to wear long maxi skirts. I choose these as they are stretchy and comfortable. This makes it easier to adjust and getting on and off the table. The table is just well, just like a bench to sit on...its not like your climbing UP on it.. (unless your chiropractor is well not like mine?)

I've had adjustments on my back and on my stomach and all visits with a maxi skirt.

  • 2. I will add a pair of biking shorts under my maxi skirt, just in case I have to lift my legs while getting adjusted.

That's about it. Now I know every chiropractor is different and some are very physical so perhaps I am lucky with ours? If yours is very physical with adjustments wear biking shorts under a maxi skirt for modesty sake.

This is an example of a chiropractor visit day... I'm wearing a pink velvet maxi that I made last year. Which reminds me I need to make some more.... 🙂

Another point I've noticed is that when you wear skirts where you normally would not. It brings out new opportunities for others to step up ... I have more to write on this subject another time...but wearing skirts goes both protects your modesty and helps you develop a deeper relationship with God, while YOUR modesty trains OTHERS who see you. I'm not kidding. Others who see you, adjust themselves mentally for your skirts, and it works nearly every time. They suddenly develop respect for you that was missing before. You don't have to SAY a thing. All you have to do is BE.

And I'm not kidding when I say that it is YOUR beautiful modesty that will change the world...starting right where you are.

So why not start today?

With love,

Rita xxo 🙂


Let me know what you struggle with?  and I'll be happy to solve it for you!

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The one time gift

By Rita Davidson

Many of us are always looking for miracles... we breeze through life completely missing them.

As many of you know my mother has dementia. We have been caring for her for the last few years after she moved in with us.

As her dementia progressed she slowly began not to feed herself. Almost like it was just easier if she waited for us to feed her. Haha So most days we all take turns feeding her. Both Mark and myself or even some of the boys. This is Liam back in the boy in training... 🙂

Liam feeding Gramma 💗

I won't go through all the emotions of watching your mother become your baby... at times it's beautiful and at other times it's heartbreaking... that's all I will say about THAT!

But yesterday she surprised us all. She suddenly began to FEED herself again!

The house was bustling as we were preparing for Father to come celebrate Holy Mass for us. But I was dancing and enjoying the surprise! LOOK LOOK I told everyone !

I dared not breathe... in fact I dared not get too close lest I surprised her back to her old - er - new dementia self...

So with baited breathe I snapped these pics and blasted them on my social media to share the miracle!

My heart was so full ❤️

You see we have been treating my mother with some natural remedies (I'll share another day) and whatever this was, everything clicked for just one day...

When I woke up the next morning I was hoping she would repeat herself.. but after waiting for her to pick up the spoon I realized it was not HAPPENING.

Now I could rant at God - why? I could blame the remedies for being no good. I could sit and pout all day how mean God was to take this away again.

So many of you pray for miracles but refuse to accept them when God sends them. Maybe God didn't expect my mother to return to normal eating? Maybe all He wanted to give us was a day of JOY - a One time gift...

How exciting is your three meals a day? Not likely even something you remember right? How many times have you complained about making meals when your tired AGAIN? You see anything that is routine soon becomes mundane... we get it done as soon as we can WITHOUT THINKING.

But take something as mundane as eating, and take away that skill and suddenly you have a busy morning of hollering, dancing, picture taking and celebrating a heart so full ❤️

Only God can create such small gifts for us.. whether these remedies will continue to help my mother eat or not I don't know. Perhaps it was the graces from Holy Mass that did it. But if it doesn't return... I'll be thankful for this One Time Gift all the same.

Thank you sweet Jesus! ❤️

May you find all the hidden miracles that God is sending you in your life... what One Time Gifts have you been missing?

With MUCH love,

Rita Xxo ❤️

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Review of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue by Msgr. Mangan

I was quite honored to get the review from Msgr. Mangan and I am so very late in sharing it. I guess my Lyme from 2017 has put me about a year behind. But now that I've passed the 50 year mark and my Lymes is slowly on the mend I feel I need to get back to getting this message out more. That means your going to hear more from me about beauty, modesty and fashion in 2019.... my first love really.

I can't thank you enough for staying with me all these years. I have truly gone through a metamorphisis since our publishing days and our house fire... I pray that God will continue to help me get this message far and wide...

So now enjoy this Review from Msgr Mangan and if you follow him on Twitter be sure to thank him for this review!


Rita 🙂




Immodesty, Satans Virtue by Rita Davidson

(Jasper, Ontario: Little Flowers Family Press, 2016, 385 pages, paper, $27)


When Rita Davidson sent the third edition of her work to me, I was pleased to receive it. With the beautiful picture of the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the front cover, the Foreword by Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand and much information provided by Mrs. Davidson in the nearly 400 pages of text, this volume, which is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in commemoration of the 2017 Centenary of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, has a certain allure.

Today, there seem to be precious few who speak about and live the importance—even indispensability—of the virtue of modesty, which is one of the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Our authoress gives particular attention to modesty in dress, though, in her estimation, modesty “includes the whole person: thoughts, action, and being.” (page 201)

It is well known that the changes in fashion especially since the end of World War II have often had in mind the highlighting of the human body to such an extent that, at times, clothing is optional. What a departure from the standards that civilized societies lived by for centuries!

Mrs. Davidson has made a personal study of the virtue of modesty and offers to us some pertinent thoughts from Saint Thomas Aquinas (+1274) and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, known as Padre Pio (+1968), tips regarding sewing modest clothes and her own meditations on a variety of subjects including: guidance from the Church; the nature of womanhood; men and modest dress; the need to make reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus; the words of the dying Saint Jacinta Marto (+1920) to Mother Maria da Purificaçao Godinho (1. “The sins that lead more souls to Hell are the sins of the flesh.” 2. “Fashions that will greatly offend Our Lord will appear. People who serve God should not follow fashions. The Church has no fashions. Our Lord is always the same.”).

May God reward, through Our Lady of Fatima, Rita Davidson for raising up this critical matter for our consideration. How our era is crying out for an increase in modesty.

Prayers are requested to Jesus the Great High Priest, Our Lady, Untier of Knots and Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, for the Davidson Family as they continue to rebuild after a devastating fire.


Monsignor Charles M. Mangan

Follow him on Twitter at


or his blog at:


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My new Modesty find…

Well my friends

It's been a crazy busy summer for us.. and life has no news of slowing down so I'm just going to get writing despite our busy life. I do so love be to write ...

Now I've was inspired after my last Friday Fashion Mix when Wendy emailed,

"Rita, Thank you for this e-mail! As I really need the inspiration to wear skirts when it is cold out! When I see how cute and fashionable you are in your skirts, it gives me motivation that I can do it too! I really need to hear your last sentence, I need to hear this:

Now ladies... why are you not wearing skirts yet 
 I wear skirts but just not a regular thing. It use to be so I can do it, I'm just lazy or something...
Thank you, Rita!!!!"
And for all you who have been donating to our house-fund in thanks for my work for modesty... wow , (THANK YOU!) I mean I never thought my modesty work did much except collect dust on a shelf...
My modesty work sure has never made me rich ...haha (but I've had my share of crosses because of it) but after 20 years my heart is still on fire to help women see how modesty is so important. And I still struggle why this is so hard for you?
But 20 years of wearing only skirts has taught me a few things that I want to share with you...
Today I want to show you one of my new loves... 💗
yes this was before it got cold here. Don't you love the color hues of this pic? It's all used clothing except The Lularoe Duster which every women with a few extra pounds needs one !!!
An indoor pic... another busy day in the kitchen... gosh some days I never leave it! (You can see a peak of our kitchen behind me here... still not done.. ) I'll be revealing it when it's all done!!! Can't wait!!
This was another kitchen day and this messy house... just being real. With a house of boys and such a tiny house with no storage it's hard to hide anything...when renovations are happening.
this was much earlier in the season ... sandals! Ohhh I keep thinking just 4months til spring! Haha
Now Can you guess my new love ? ❤️
Shorter skirts!!!
All these pics I'm wearing shorter to the knee pencilskirts LOVE ❤️ and oh my goodness I hated them at first but found they opened up a whole wardrobe of styles for me! Ohhh you couldn't imagine how exciting this was!!
Now are you surprised?
"Two fingers from the breadth of the throat, scarcely beyond the knee..." is our standard.. and while these skirts meet the "minimum" they still pass for modesty!!
So will you try some shorter skirts today? 😅
Why are you not wearing some skirts today?
PLEASE help me understand what you struggle with daily skirts? 😅
With much love,
Rita Xxo
Are you seeing these images sideways? If so can you let me know? Thank you!
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Fashion Mix Friday ;)

It's been a long while since I shared outfit pics on here. Well I have to apologize how I have neglected you all. Sooo much to say and share but well so little time... I've been wanting to update my podcast for you, share my outfit pics and what I've been wearing of late... and a few things I've discovered but alas I'm behind...

I've been sharing all these outfits daily on my social media as a Fashion Blogger and Beauty Blogger. I know it's a big change from all our publishing we did and I'm so thankful for all of you that have stayed with me all these years. So thankful... 💗

God has been working on my heart what to do since our fire took away all our work.. when my book was saved and I still see so many women struggling HOW to do this modesty thing... well I just began to post my daily outfits to give ideas. And that has really challenged me to look at modesty and beauty differently. I hope you will enjoy a glimpse at what I've discovered in time.

So here is a look at the last week of outfits for you. Let's hope this is a return to a regular posting...

I really loved this look. (Yes that's a sneak peak of my not completed kitchen!) I picked up this Pennington's skirt for $10 and it's the comfiest. (Is that a word?) And this long navy duster sweater was on sale for $9 from Walmart. And you'll never believe where I got these boots... haha 🤣That's quite the story... do you have time?

My Tall Boots Story

Well I really wanted some tall boots. That is no easy feat when your plus size with wide calves and feet like me. But looking at prices, I would faint at $250 and up... so on my way to a used store in the city I started to pray to St Michael and St Anthony... (I actually ask them both for a lot of things but that's another story..) In my prayer I said I need "tall leather boots, in my size"... well after I got to the store and looking through the boots my heart skipped a beat...

there were some tall boots,

AND they were wide...

AND well that size was EXACTLY my size 10W

ohhhhh I got a shiver - I just KNEW they were for me, American Eagle brand (fake leather) but for $24 they are still holding out for our Canadian winters! Woohoo! St Anthony got a rosary of thanks for those. 🤩

I picked up this strange looking shirt the other day for $10 but it turned out to really be a beautiful thing! From Parley and Sage what a beauty! PAIRED WITH A Lularoe gray duster and a New Creation Apparel stretch denim skirt.

Ohhh the sun came out for us Tuesday ... how I've missed it!!! Again my stretch denim skirt paired with an asymmetrical wool sweater.

Wednesday on the run again... ever wear the same thing for days without knowing? I have to be careful as this is a real temptation some days. (I'm sure I have a different shirt under here..... Haha 🙂

My outfit for Thursday chiropractor appts to undo my back. Since my mom became wheelchair bound I've had to lift her daily. That plus the daily stress of all these renovations and our boys special needs and our small house.... well my back really takes a beating...Today I'm wearing an Old Navy purple shirt with a handmade Pink Stretch Velvet maxi I made and LuLaroe Duster in brown.

Now ladies... why are you not wearing skirts yet? Look at all these outfits, can you see yourself wearing even one?

We have a lot of work to do to rebuild this fallen society and ladies you have no idea how important YOUR modest beauty IS!!!

With much love,

Rita Xxo 😍

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