updated house

Our Updated living room and office

Well things are winding down here… but there is still so much work to do..

I wrote this up back  in July and didn’t get around to sending it, that just gives you an idea how crazy it’s been here.

Frankly some days I’m so tired I can’t do much more than have coffee and make sure everyone is fed!

rita’s painting these tall walls

We began to paint the living room…And I am just adoring these high ceilings! Our house has lower than average ceilings which make it feel so crowded and dark.. ugh so having this higher ceiling in one space sure makes a difference. We choose a stormy blue for the living room after MUCH consternation. Lol

Here I am in a Pennington’s maxi with a Lularoe Joy vest (now discontinued) and a Halftee.

Liam using the big open floor for schooling

I’ve never been so grateful for this added space until I seen how much more relaxed my boys became almost instantly… here is Liam doing his homeschooling…

Holy Mass for your Intentions

And on a side note – we were blessed to have Mass said in our new space before we officially “moved” in.

After Mass Father let Liam know he will be making his First Holy Communion in September!!! Liam’s face was priceless as he’s been working so hard on his Catechism. Can you please keep him in your prayers?!

Joseph looking at the painting

Painting was a job… and we have the rest of the house to paint! But the boys especially ANDREW got so much of this done.. so this is our living room color it’s a “moody blue” that literally changes color depending on lighting from greenish to grayish ! At first I hated it but it has grown on me. Plus I was too tired to think about changing it! Haha

My new office, PINK

And for my office/studio/drop-everything-in-here-room – I fell in LOVE with Behr”s Castilian Pink last year so this year after three tries I got Home Hardware to match the color. YAY ! I just ADORE IT don’t you?

painted floor


Next we painted the plywood floor – WHY?! You ask? Well we can’t afford flooring til we find out how much more repairs we have to pay for so it’s plywood flooring! This terra cotta color caught my eye…. it’s a Home Hardware Floor and Porch paint called “TerraGotta” .

I was really worried after we painted this far.. I thought, “ohh my goodness what have I done this sooo clashes with the subdued walls.” ICK

new living room layout, for now. 🙂

But once we pulled in the furniture ohhhhh I loved it!!! Thankfully cause I wouldn’t have changed it anyhow! Haha

So I figured we are going with a “beachy” theme.. it just felt right with the colors, large windows, and furniture. So this is just the first set up (it was kinda like playing house!) and I’m fine tuning it as I go.

new view of living room..

We are all still kinda in shock this is really ours.. after all we’ve been through to get this we can only thank God that it’s truly real!

This view shows another angle. That rug really pulled it all together.. it’s from IKEA. Couches were both donated after our fire. Two green chairs were a hotel discard we got from Habitat Restore. Along the window are the footstools made into a window seat that everyone loves (see Liam is laying on it doing his schoolwork again!) All this stuff was in storage here so it was quite the scene to pull everything out and set it up finally!

carrying in the furniture

Trucking it all into the new addition !

So that’s the living room (for now) we still need to get trim done, curtains up and pictures on the walls but could t wait to show you!! We are so blessed by this new space that has given the boys so much more room! Jesus and Mary be praised!

Please help support the last of our repairs and restoration with a donation today


We are STILL waiting for soffit repairs, O Lord give me patience!

Then the last, and most dear to my heart….our hard drives. Will we find family photo’s to recover or not?

In the meantime, we are continuing to paint our new dining room, and waiting for more workers for the rest of the rest of the house..we hope to finish soon!

I’m so tired… LOL

With much love

Rita Xxo

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Wear a kimono this summer

Add a Kimono to your outfits this summer

OoohKay 🙂

It’s been a while since I wrote some yummy faith and/or modest related posts… I’ve been itching to get back to writing so badly as articles have been percolating in my head. I rushed this past weekend to get my office and our living room set up! (But that’s my next post so … watch for it ..) 🙂

Did you read all the way to the end of my last post for my surprise? … did you read it? If you didn’t – you cheated!! Haha 😉

I had announced my new Amazon Store that I put together for you… with some modest clothing options for you!

And I wanted to introduce you to another fashion item I’ve fallen in love with this year. I couldn’t wait to share with you because well, ladies… this can make your modest outfits up a notch or two!!!

Remember when I wrote in my last post I said most blah outfit problems are because the outfit is not complete until you get all your accessories on too. (you can read that whole post here Anatomy of an Outfit)

Kimonos are

  • soo summery, <insert dreamy face here>
  • act as an accessory making your outfit look complete and I dare say…. wait for it…
  • they help make your outfits CASUAL.

A common complaint from those that wear dresses and skirts all the time. “I always feel “dressed up”. Do you feel this too?

Introducing KIMONOS

Kimono outfits


Here is one of my first ones – so colorful and loose – makes me feel like I’m living down south… haha 🙂 And now you can get this one right here.

Rita and Mark Davidson

Here’s another one – can never go wrong with ” the blues” –  Liam insisted we have a photo together here so I’m wearing this kimono with my stretch denim skirt from New creation Apparel and a white t-shirt from Pennington’s. And YAY – You can get this Kimono here in my Amazon store.

RIta's roses

And here it is again with my sleeveless dress I’ve been loving this summer. (With my enlarged liver some days my stomach is sensitive to tight clothing.) I’m hoping to make a pattern from this dress this summer? You can get this Kimono here.

Rita outfit ideas

This one is actually a shirt from Walmart made from chiffon that I wore as a kimono or jacket… it’s so light and airy for summer and I’m in love with things that flutter in the breeze. I’ve paired it with a Lane Bryant lime colored tank and my stretch denim skirt from New Creation Apparel.

Rita summer outfit ideas

This outfit I’m wearing a denim skirt from Cotton Ginny with a Giant Tiger extra soft heathered pink shirt and this Kimono from Additionelle that is so light and airy one of the first I got last year.

Rita summer outfit ideas

This one is a really Special one – all made from lace ! This navy jacket drapes so nicely as you can see. It’s a little warmer than the other kimonos and I have one in White and Navy both from Wish (for only $6 !) yes $6 Here I paired it with a Lularoe perfect tee and a stretch denim skirt from New Creation Apparel.

Rita summer outfit ideas

Lastly this kimono type jacket is from Ardene and I picked it up just for fun hoping it might fit. (Ardene is not plus sized!) But it worked great and was a perfect color to go with denim! I’m wearing it here with my stretch denim skirt from New Creation Apparel and a v-neck T-shirt from Pennington’s.

So what do you think? Are you ready to add this fashion statement to your modest wardrobe?

Hit reply and send me your pictures !!

With MUCH love

Rita Xxo

(*some of these are affiliate links that I get 0.02cents from to help pay for this blog. 😉

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