Can you wear a skirt to the Chiropractor ?

by Rita Davidson

I got this question from Amy, the other day,

“Does it work out wearing a skirt to the chiropractor? Are you able to get on the table and get manipulated with a skirt?”

and thought that was a GREAT question!

In fact I wasn’t sure when I began going to the chiropractor for my Lyme a year ago either…

On a side note, it’s been a year, August 2018, since I got my Lyme… I have some lasting issues I’m working on including being unbalanced, and some muscle pain as well as my Bells Palsy improved, but still in force… so I’m looking at some alternative options for the rest of my Lyme and will post an update on that soon… back to the Chiropractor…

So when I began going to the chiropractor I didn’t know what to expect…actually I was too much in pain to care…. but when I do anything I NEVER think – “CAN I do this in a skirt?” That question doesn’t even surface…. I just DO IT.

And if I run into problems later, I just deal with it then! Too many women change to pants because they “imagine” all these issues wearing skirts that actually are not real problems at all!

So I’ve been going for adjustments for a year before I really thought about this, but realized I did make some adjustments for my visits such as:

  • 1. I prefer to wear long maxi skirts. I choose these as they are stretchy and comfortable. This makes it easier to adjust and getting on and off the table. The table is just well, just like a bench to sit on…its not like your climbing UP on it.. (unless your chiropractor is well not like mine?)

I’ve had adjustments on my back and on my stomach and all visits with a maxi skirt.

  • 2. I will add a pair of biking shorts under my maxi skirt, just in case I have to lift my legs while getting adjusted.

That’s about it. Now I know every chiropractor is different and some are very physical so perhaps I am lucky with ours? If yours is very physical with adjustments wear biking shorts under a maxi skirt for modesty sake.

This is an example of a chiropractor visit day… I’m wearing a pink velvet maxi that I made last year. Which reminds me I need to make some more…. 🙂

Another point I’ve noticed is that when you wear skirts where you normally would not. It brings out new opportunities for others to step up … I have more to write on this subject another time…but wearing skirts goes both ways…it protects your modesty and helps you develop a deeper relationship with God, while YOUR modesty trains OTHERS who see you. I’m not kidding. Others who see you, adjust themselves mentally for your skirts, and it works nearly every time. They suddenly develop respect for you that was missing before. You don’t have to SAY a thing. All you have to do is BE.

And I’m not kidding when I say that it is YOUR beautiful modesty that will change the world…starting right where you are.

So why not start today?

With love,

Rita xxo 🙂


Let me know what you struggle with?  and I’ll be happy to solve it for you!

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