Consult with Rita


Private Consult with Rita

Sometimes it’s really embarrassing how crazy our families get in this day and age. Trying to keep our families modest and pure in an age on indulgence is well, nearly impossible.

When families fall off the wagon and sensitive issues come up, it’s so helpful to have a listening ear that we can trust.

I’m Rita Davidson, published author and speaker, and I’ve been consulting and counseling families about their faith, marriage issues, modesty frustrations and family troubles since 1999.

I have Free Monthly Calls that you can join for answers, but often there are reasons this just isn’t enough. Now there is a way for you to talk One-on-one with me and pick my brain!

I have a limited number of private spots per month, so be sure to grab one as soon as you can if it is urgent. You will get a follow up email with your questionnaire and to set up an appointment to talk with me.


one – Email Questionnaire to be filled in and returned prior to call.

One – Two Hour Consult for advice and questions.

Questions can include marriage and family issues, modesty issues, or modesty advice that you are not comfortable discussing openly.


Can’t wait to help you find the answers you need!

With love,

Rita 🙂