Are you tired of looking drab and feeling uncomfortable in your modest skirts & dress?

Have you given up skirts because your husband said you look like a nun?

Knowing your RIGHT colors will turn your life around and make dressing modestly a breeze!


custom color analysis

Join me for a NEW YOU!

Knowing your own BEST Colors will:

  • – Help your skin look brighter and younger

  • – Help wrinkles and shadows fade and smooth out

  • – Improve your mood (and don’t some of us need THAT now!)

  • – Save you time and money when shopping

  • – Save you frustration when getting dressed

  • – Brighten your teeth and eyes

  • – Help you know what make up colors to purchase

  • – Help you feel put together instead of uncomfortable and drab

  • – Save you money on all the clothes you buy and return or never wear

Your beauty Matters! In a time when the world indulges in ugly, Catholic women are the light in this world pointing to God. So many Catholic women are afraid of their own beauty. In fact, they don’t even know their feminine beauty matters.

“Glorify and bear God in your body”

This means we need to give God our best selves. YES! By dressing well, wearing our best beautiful colors, and having a polished look we not only give glory to God but make our husbands smile and be a beautiful modest example to our children.

Let me help you find your own kind of beauty with the unique colors God gave you to make you glow.

“She is more precious than all riches: and all the things that are desired,

are not to be compared to her.” Proverbs 3:15


Let’s see you go from BLAH to BEAUTIFUL Modest YOU with a Custom Color Analysis with me!

Custom Color Analysis

In 2012 I was going through a difficult time in my life., both with my weight and some hard issues in our life. That’s when I revisited the Color training from my Cosmetology classes and found my Color Season! And I lived with that season for 8 years! But it was ALL WRONG for me! ugh

How did I Know?
Well clothes started not looking right, I couldn’t get outfits to match like before… so I looked at my Color Palette again after I updated my Color training and realized I had only been living in half of my color palette! OOPS!

Now I am a Certified Color Consultant and I am living with a brand new Color Season of my own – you’ll have to guess 🙂  And I’m enjoying switching up my wardrobe all over again.


  • – I’ll need some pictures of your face while looking out a window. This way I can see your eyes clearly.
  • – You’ll be wearing no make up (it’s okay we are all girls here) 🙂
  • – Yes you can simply take a selfie with your phone!
  • – You will get specific instructions by email once you book with me.

1 Hour Consult includes:

  • I use the Seasonal Color System – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (with lots of options!)
  • Your Best Colors based on your personal coloring will come as a PDF to save and download
  • PDF will include special instructions on your best colors, best neutrals and make up colors
  • Personal Color Palette to download and print or save to your phone for shopping on the go.
  • 1 Hour personal consult with me on the computer

Color Analysis can take up to 2 weeks after photo’s are received. Watch your email.

Your husband and family deserve you looking your best self! You deserve to FEEL your best because when momma feels good momma can DO good!

I can’t wait to see you in your BEST colors for your Beautiful Modest Self!

Limited to

only 7 spots

5 spots

So hurry !


Rita xo 🙂




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