Davidson Update: progress and Easter

Happy Easter my friends!!

Our lives have really been overtaken with the excitement here of late. So forgive me for photo bombing your inbox with pictures of our progress.

davidson Family Trust

We started by having to move our internet tower. That was quite the sight watching him go higher and higher. Unfortunately we found more rot around the roofline that we now have to fix. Sigh :(. There is no DSL here and this is my only connection to YOU ! So up it goes ! :>

Then the hole excavated outside our living room window was the best entertainment for both inside lurkers and outdoor explorers. Here Andrew is exploring the inside of the hole. A new trench dug to divert water away from the foundation. It’s working pretty well already!

The view for inside lurkers… I just loved this pic ! Look they are all beside each other and not fighting!!! (Cue a mother’s dream) soon after this pic it started of course, so scratch that peaceful MOMENT. LOL

Davidson Family update

Since our foundation was crumbling they put forms against the wall to create a new wall and to stabilize the wall. Who said construction wasn’t exciting to watch?

Homeschooling day outside

Thankfully our weather has warmed up just enough to be able to homeschool outside again! Oh just the sights and sounds of the birds are such a welcome sight! Liam just started reading a few weeks back YAY!!!!!! learning has become exciting for him now!

Closeup of the foundation wall – we found an old doorway that was a big excitement for all of us!! Just to think how that could have been used ?

Nothing like a bit of history to get us excited !

We even found old square nails (just like in our old house!) Imagine how they would have made these by hand?

easter 2019

Easter arrived – He is Risen!!

easter treasure hunt

The day was gloomy – first I ever seen on an Easter Sunday – I wondered if this was a sign of how displeased God is with the world today? The boys had great fun with chocolate and an Easter Treasure hunt. Overall it was a memorable day for them (tiring for me planning it out til 2am! Can I get an Amen? )

Davidson Family update

Lastly, here is the view of our soon-to-be living room – after 4 LONG years of waiting cramped in this house without room for our boys needs. IN 2019 we will finally have our mold issues resolved, our foundation fixed, water removed from our foundation and a proper living room! Thank you Jesus!

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We are so grateful to you!

With much love

Rita Xxo

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