Day 6: Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue

Day 6: Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue

with Rita Davidson

 Day 6: “Immodesty Satan’s Virtue – July 2013 took down our home, business and van down to charcoal. Under 6 feet of charcoal was found my ‘Immodesty’ Satan’s Virtue’ book unburned, but singed as you can see! Today I’m working on my Chapters …

My goal is to have this ready for Easter 2015. When I first started writing this it was 1999, and it was another 2.5 years before it got into print!

What is keeping you from being modest?

What is keeping you from being all that God wants you to be?

Share with me below, as I work on the 3rd Edition of ‘Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue’ for new readers in 2015!

With Love,

Rita Xo 🙂

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IMG_0905Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Currently a writer, & published author, she is a former hairdresser, professional make up artist with a degree in Natural Health. She is now a Young Living Distributor. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, and more, they recently lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by carrying their crosses with Joy!


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  1. Kate Avatar

    I am blessed by your daily meditations. Thank God for the graces He gives us!

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