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I encourage and teach women how to by joyful and make reparation to the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts through modesty.

Since the beginning 1996 our apostolate has always been supported by strong, supportive benefactors, that God sent our way for a time. Some of those benefactors have now passed from this world, may God rest their souls. We are always in need of new supporters who will join with us in reaching out to more Catholic families today.



I am Rita Davidson, owner and founder of Little Flowers Family.

I am author of the bestselling, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” (2001, 2003, 2016)

and founder of “Our Lady’s Martyrs of Purity Crusade©, (1999) Now “Return to Beauty Academy” © 2017






After I wrote my first book,  I counseled many families appeasing their fears and answering their many questions about modesty, the Church and family matters. We published over 100+ items to help educate and teach families how to get through this difficult life with joy through our publishing press Little Flowers Family Press.

In 2013, we suffered a devastating fire and lost our home and publishing apostolate. We have been doing alot of restoring and rebuilding – We are not throwing in the towel now!

No amount is ever too small.

Satan has done ALL he could do put us out of business and take away our HOPE, but we are fighting back by rebuilding LFFA while our family continues to rebuild our home. You can also support our home rebuilding here 

or our gofundme page at

Have you benefited by our work? Perhaps you feel called to become a regular supporter through regular monthly donations?

Or perhaps you have the means to send us a one – time large donation of several thousands to help us rebuild? We are praying to restore our hard drives with the beloved books you remember and expand our network of families with the important message of modesty. Will you help us?

Whatever you can do, rest assured that your generosity will not go unseen.

“We must remember that the surplus of our wealth does not belong to us, but to the poor, and that it is our bounden duty to make use of only so much of it as corresponds with our state of life. We must one day render a strict account of the use we have made of our possessions…He (God) is satisfied if we devote a small part of what we possess to relieve the Suffering Souls. “

from Charity of The Suffering Souls, by TAN

Please consider the Suffering Souls, when you make any size donation to us. Your reward is two-fold when you offer your generosity to us this way, and your rewards are eternal.

Our Only Goal is the Salvation of Souls, and especially the Souls of our Benefactors!

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All in all, we thank YOU our supporters. We pray for all our benefactors no matter how small - you will be remembered. We offer our Masses for your intentions.

Please pray for us!

BE GENEROUS and support the rebuilding of our Catholic Family Apostolate, on behalf of the Holy Souls. May God bless and reward you, With love, Rita Xo 🙂 Mrs. Rita Davidson, Founder Little Flowers Family Press & Apostolates Our Lady's League of the Martyrs of Purity Crusade©1999
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