Easy! 5 Steps to a Perfect Foundation (at any age… ahem!)

Easy! 5 Steps to a Perfect Foundation

(at any age… ahem!) 🙂

by Rita Davidson


Norma asked me on my Facebook page last week, what make up to I use to get my skin to look so good? So it took me a few days, (life IS busy!)  but I finally got around to jumping on Facebook live to let her know what I use.

As we age, make-up becomes harder, and trickier to put on. There was a time in my 20s and 30s when I wore little to no make-up. But once I hit my 40’s (and shock set in! LOL) I started taking care of my skin and paying more attention to skincare and make-up.

 Do you feel those same things?

Not sure how to put make up on now that your older?

Wish you knew what colors looked best?

Shocked at how OLD you look with make-up?


If you answered just ONE of those, then go ahead and watch this video!

AND  if you have any make-up or skincare questions let me know below.

Now grab your make-up kit and put on your foundation along with me!


Did you watch the whole video til the end?

That means you found my one secret is:  good SKINCARE. You can’t cover up bad skin care with make-up no matter HOW much you apply. lol   #truth

How did you like this demo?

Would you like more demo’s of skin care or make up, let me know below. 🙂







With love,

Rita xxo 🙂


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