Episode #1 Are you a Trophy on Satan's Shelf?

Are you a Trophy on Satan’s Shelf?

by Rita Davidson

Episode#1 Are you a Trophy on Satan’s Shelf? from RitaDavidsonLFFA on Vimeo.


I’m excited to share with you a new Video post! Instead of the old text you have to read, this one will only take 4 minutes of your time! Today I wanted to share with you how important we are to Satan. Our children especially. How Satan’s expends all his energy to drag us down with him.


Just how can we ensure that we do not become one with him? Watch this video for the answer, and please, post your comments below!







Enjoy! 🙂
Rita Xo



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6 responses to “Episode #1 Are you a Trophy on Satan's Shelf?”

  1. Carole Tokaruk Avatar
    Carole Tokaruk

    What a unique way of  speaking of the devil’s  wish for our ruin!  I think we need to constantly speak of invoking our Guardian angel or saying little ejaculations when we are tempted  to something we shouldn’t.  Can never  be reminded about that too often. Thanks.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

       Thank you for your comments Carole, and I’m glad you enjoyed my video post. Yes, remembering our Guardian Angels is an excellent idea as well. Something we must remember more and more as we grow in the spiritual life. God bless you! Rita/LFFA

  2. Denise Michaud Avatar

    Satan has been relentless in going after my teens. St. Benedict and the short ejaculations you suggest are some of the weapons we use. Thanks for the reminders and for the image of being a trophy on Satan’s shelf.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

       Thank you Denise for sharing your comments. Teens are a special target of Satan today and he will always find creative ways to draw them away from God. I am so glad that this has helped remind you. I pray that all my work might always help one soul. God bless you Rita/LFFA

  3. Marilyn Avatar

    Thank you for these little videos, Rita! Short, so they are easy for a busy mom to watch. And such a blessing! 🙂

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Thank you Marilyn! So love your comments! I hope to make many more to inspire and encourage busy, tired out moms! 🙂 And anyone else that might need them too.
      God bless and keep you,
      ~Rita/LFFA Xo 🙂

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