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Yesss – The Modesty LecturesModule 1 – is being released tonight ! ?

I’m wearing this leisure outfit ? in THANKS ? to the long hours and days I spent getting this set up!

What I thought was going to be an overview of this topic, has becomes volumes of deep research uncovered while I was researching for my “Immodesty” book. ?

All to show you how important modesty is for your soul – because there are forces trying, SO HARD, to make you believe it is not so. ?

I’m humbled and beyond thankful to God tonight;

✅ for letting my face work (thanks Bell’s palsy) for all those video’s.

✅ for not letting my voice (or mind!) falter (too much!)

✅ for not letting my wild boys come running in fighting while I was recording ? (you will see a glimpse of one…) ? #reallife

✅ for letting my mind pull together so many dates and names that I was so worried I couldn’t contain! ? To God the glory! ✝️?

So much more to be thankful for – but for YOU my friends for your patience with the delay – and only to beg you, ✝️

if you are a faithful Catholic mother

serious about your soul

struggling in a world trying to do everything to steal your children’s innocence –

I BEG you to grab a seat in “The Modesty Lectures” – not for my profit but only so you can see how very precious YOU are to God ♥️✝️?

Today is the very last day to purchase your seat to join us: (recordings will not be sold)

skirt @coldwatercreek

Shirt @torrid

Kimono @dressbarn

Rita Davidson Author
With much love,
Rita xxo
 Everyone who purchased a seat – your login information will be sending out later tonight so watch your emails – the party is about to begin! <3
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