Fashion Mix Friday 😉

It’s been a long while since I shared outfit pics on here. Well I have to apologize how I have neglected you all. Sooo much to say and share but well so little time… I’ve been wanting to update my podcast for you, share my outfit pics and what I’ve been wearing of late… and a few things I’ve discovered but alas I’m behind…

I’ve been sharing all these outfits daily on my social media as a Fashion Blogger and Beauty Blogger. I know it’s a big change from all our publishing we did and I’m so thankful for all of you that have stayed with me all these years. So thankful… ?

God has been working on my heart what to do since our fire took away all our work.. when my book was saved and I still see so many women struggling HOW to do this modesty thing… well I just began to post my daily outfits to give ideas. And that has really challenged me to look at modesty and beauty differently. I hope you will enjoy a glimpse at what I’ve discovered in time.

So here is a look at the last week of outfits for you. Let’s hope this is a return to a regular posting…

I really loved this look. (Yes that’s a sneak peak of my not completed kitchen!) I picked up this Pennington’s skirt for $10 and it’s the comfiest. (Is that a word?) And this long navy duster sweater was on sale for $9 from Walmart. And you’ll never believe where I got these boots… haha ?That’s quite the story… do you have time?

My Tall Boots Story

Well I really wanted some tall boots. That is no easy feat when your plus size with wide calves and feet like me. But looking at prices, I would faint at $250 and up… so on my way to a used store in the city I started to pray to St Michael and St Anthony… (I actually ask them both for a lot of things but that’s another story..) In my prayer I said I need “tall leather boots, in my size”… well after I got to the store and looking through the boots my heart skipped a beat…

there were some tall boots,

AND they were wide…

AND well that size was EXACTLY my size 10W

ohhhhh I got a shiver – I just KNEW they were for me, American Eagle brand (fake leather) but for $24 they are still holding out for our Canadian winters! Woohoo! St Anthony got a rosary of thanks for those. ?

I picked up this strange looking shirt the other day for $10 but it turned out to really be a beautiful thing! From Parley and Sage what a beauty! PAIRED WITH A Lularoe gray duster and a New Creation Apparel stretch denim skirt.

Ohhh the sun came out for us Tuesday … how I’ve missed it!!! Again my stretch denim skirt paired with an asymmetrical wool sweater.

Wednesday on the run again… ever wear the same thing for days without knowing? I have to be careful as this is a real temptation some days. (I’m sure I have a different shirt under here….. Haha 🙂

My outfit for Thursday chiropractor appts to undo my back. Since my mom became wheelchair bound I’ve had to lift her daily. That plus the daily stress of all these renovations and our boys special needs and our small house…. well my back really takes a beating…Today I’m wearing an Old Navy purple shirt with a handmade Pink Stretch Velvet maxi I made and LuLaroe Duster in brown.

Now ladies… why are you not wearing skirts yet? Look at all these outfits, can you see yourself wearing even one?

We have a lot of work to do to rebuild this fallen society and ladies you have no idea how important YOUR modest beauty IS!!!

With much love,

Rita Xxo ?

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