God never disappoints

Well when life disappoints God never does! 😅 here is our small garden harvest.. after a busy summer of not even LOOKING at the garden.

🤪 But LOOK at this colorful bounty. 😅 Pumpkins, Onions, chives, rosemary, thyme and if you look really close… two baby watermelons 🍉 !!!

We had thought they all died or overtaken by pumpkins when we couldn’t even see any sign of them, but what a JOY to see them today 💫💗😅.

Almost like God wanted to give us a little surprise. To remind us that with God ALL things ARE possible! 😇

When we have lost all hope anywhere God is really preparing something for you behind the scenes to surprise you with later like this baby watermelon! 😅💫😇 so never give up on HIM! 🙏

Now who wants to see what’s inside those baby watermelons?! Are they edible ? Yes or No? Take a guess ! 😅

I’ll take a draw for every right guess posted below and send you a little surprise!!! So take a chance on God today! I’ll be opening up this baby watermelon 🍉 live on my Facebook page HERE to discover what’s inside and if it’s edible!!?


With much love,

Rita Xxo 👌🏻💗😅

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