God’s timing is not our timing..


We had a busy weekend here with our mold remediation..and just got started when they had to quit. So we have another week to wait and find replacement windows so we can get the windows out AND replaced at the same time. It was quite the day… life doesn’t always happen as we hope.. we could not finish because the mold damage was more complicated than they thought… so we now have to wait til our new windows are available to finish this again… do please pray for us…it’s so frustrating but it’s all in God’s time not ours…
Today is our ‘family day’ so we are off to see if we can find some windows and hope to escape the rain that is threatening to fall on us. I’m SO GRATEFUL that summer is finally here! I’ve been itching to get out and garden..I’m not much of a gardener (it was my dad who had the green thumb) haha 🙂 Me? Well I have a tendency to KILL things…for many years I just gave us ever trying to touch anything green. But I’ve always had a love for Bonsai plants and this year I got one thinking ohhhh just MAYBE I could keep this? And well it survived ! And so this year I was more hopeful and grabbed a FEW new plants…
What do you think?
 I’ve got a three-season lilac (YES MY FAVORITE!) and a tomato and some spanish onions and who could resist some vines and a ‘smokebush’ I’ve always adored…
 you know it’s only this year I realized the difference between perennials and annual? My dad, God rest his soul, always bought marigolds each year… I only remember them cause they STUNK… yuck…but those pretty yellow flowers stuck in my mind fondly… Then I realized wow, you buy ANNUALS for the color each year… and perennials for repeat color? Wow, you learn something EVERY day?!
 Anyhow, if you are thinking of gardening and your not a gardener just do like I do and TRY… There is nothing like just trying something and who doesn’t want a more beautiful yard?
I’ll keep you posted on my gardening efforts…now are you gardening this year? Are you a BIG gardener? Or just a wanna-be like me?
Stay beautiful my friends…
With much love,
Rita xxo 🙂
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