Gosnell and the Satanic Dimension


Gosnell and the Satanic Dimension

by Rita Davidson


If you’ve been following the stories of Gosnell (yes, you DID NOT find them in the press) you have now heard he was found guilty. If you haven’t heard about it, I warn you, your idea of horror is about to change. You need to see this.

When I first heard his verdict, I was relieved. Justice was done, well at least partly I thought.

But to face a death sentence in 2013 I thought, never. The world would never accept this I predicted. Unfortunately I was correct, when the very next day I learned his verdict had been turned over to a life sentence instead of death sentence.

Today I watched as he supposedly smirked, and refused to appeal his verdict. Why? To save his family being dragged in the courts. His family, including his wife and SIX, yes, SIX children. The irony.

Here is a 72 years old man, who has been performing abortions for far too many years. During this time he married and had six children of his own, went to work everyday and ripped babies from mothers, snipped their spinal cords and threw them in trash bags to suffocate them. He stored them in jars and in his freezer, while his sewage system backed up regularly with the remains of hundreds of aborted baby parts choking up his drains. I told you your idea of horror will change. Is this a scene from a horror movie? No, this is real life, and baby, guess what, it’s all legal in America(yes, Canada too). But since when did legal mean right?


Disillusioned & the growing Diabolical dream

 Before I came back to my faith, I was a regular writer for environmental magazines. I had a column back then defending everything from global warming to vegetarianism. I even ran an environmental home biz for moms selling everything from cloth diapers to baby balm. No, thankfully I was never pro-choice. I was a big supporter of PETA those people that love to protect our animals. As my faith grew from it’s stunted version, I started to see the pro-life issue here and there. I wrote to PETA praising them for their successful work for our baby animals and asking them to please include baby humans, since with so much success behind them they would surely be successful.

Well, I was niave, so it came as a real shock when the letter arrived to say, it was not “in their mandate to include humans”. (I have that letter here somewhere still). It was the start of a clear, defining moment in my spiritual life, a crack that began to open from the diabolical dream I was in.


The growing Satanic Dimension to the Gosnell story

With my years in the environmental movement and the animal rights movements, I got a good indication of their humanistic goals. Their devotion to baby animals and the cruelty they endure. The care they give to abused animals and their owners. I mean to see a puppy endure starvation is cruel isn’t it? Or what about a kitten enduring their tail cut off? I mean people really think of cruel things to do to these poor, helpless animals. Sorry for being a little sarcastic here, I can’t help myself.

Don’t think I don’t love animals, I do. I still get warm and fuzzy inside when I see little kittens rolling around. When my own cat of 18 years died, my heart died with that cat. “Tiger” I had called her and she was the best friend I had ever had. She followed me to church one day as a kitten, and was there when I came out. I took her home and she stayed for 18 more years. To watch her die a slow agonizing death was sad, but she had had her life and I loved her with all I had and she was the best cat I could ever have.

I had heard about putting dogs down when their end was near, but I didn’t want to do that to my cat. I was uneasy about the whole thing. You know like a horse that gets a broken leg, they shoot it to put it out of it’s misery. A dog, crippled with cancer, they put him down to put him out of his misery. Save them the pain. I watched my cat slowly fade away and it broke my heart. I mourned this cat was a family member.


But what was that you say?

You put dogs down by drugs that slowly put them to sleep? What about the Death Penalty? Well the death penalty is much like a dog, where they make the criminal comfortable, and give him a pleasant injection, like a dog, where he will go into a forever sleep.

But what about those baby humans? Those baby humans who never asked to be born, that are taking up our air and threatening our way of life? Those babies that just keep coming and threatening our food supply, how dare they? Well, we take good care of them, by slitting their throats and putting them out in pails of water to smother, and oh yes, the latest, twisting off their heads now. That works good. NOT!

Oh forgive me here, but my anger is rising…

Do you not see the devils handiwork here? Do you not feel it?

Can you not smell the stinking, rotten stench here?

Now as we recover from the atrocities of the Gosnell trial, which was all but ignored in the regular press, we now have another one that has surfaced. This other guy twisted the babies heads off in his hands, or choked them with his finger down their little throats.

Just watch the video here or below. Listen to abortion workers talk how they were covered in blood everyday, and watched a dozen babies die this way, every single day. Feel your blood turn to ice as you watch these emotionless nurses speak of horrors with no wincing. What is wrong here?

 You see Gosnell wasn’t the only one. Many more abortion providers have a sordid history too. Does all this detail make you a little uneasy?

How do you think those babies felt? You can read here the story first hand from his nurses that helped him. Watched babies toes wince when he stuck forceps into their necks. Watch babies be put into garbage bags like the trash. Remember, those dogs are given special treatment, with sedated deaths and likely a grave marker. These babies, get garbage bags and if they are lucky they get to clog up a sewer or sit in a freezer for who knows what day.


God help us, my heart cries, do they know what they do?

God help us my heart weeps, for those lost children whom this world will never be blessed with, does anybody hear?

God forgive us, for all that we have neglected to do to help these helpless children, the hope of our future.

Hundreds upon thousands of abortions that have gone on like this for decades, that we are only now starting to see the horrors of. Only now are the masks being torn off for us to see the lies behind them. Satan has been very clever at this game. Who else could plan for the horrific inhumane treatment of babies, babies made in the image of God, and give comfort to dogs. We would never treat a dog this way, how is it we treat babies this badly? Imagine slitting a dogs or kittens throat, or drowning it? The world would be irate with anger! But, we can treat babies like trash and no one says a word.


The silence is deafening

Let us pray these cases will blow the abortion movement wide open. Thank you God for creating Twitter and social media, where the Gosnell trial became real when it went ablaze on the internet to get the word out.

Satan is reaping the blood bath of these lost souls, like the Aztecs needed blood on their sacrificial altars. Our streets would literally be rivers of blood if we could understand the immensity of this horror.

World War II , was nothing on this modern massacre. We have learned our lesson from history here NOT, and we have allowed governments and congresses to show us pretty pictures of fetuses and use misleading language, to make this modern holocaust legal. Thousands of men and woman that allow this holocaust to continue are brainwashed into believing they are providing a service. They are so supportive of their mission, it is a religion for them. Now who would provide such a successful focus of death? Well, the devil himself of course.

This is his time, this is his reaping. Because not only does he have the blood of these babies to drink from daily to increase his strength, he has the women that are damaged, horrified, and guilty that he can trip up later to land in his snare too, if they are not careful.

How else does our governments get such callousness to make such anti-christian laws, to give freedom where freedoms shouldn’t be, and to clamp down on Christians more and more. What was right, is now wrong, what was wrong is now right. How else are our young people being lost to the world more and more each day, even after we make the sacrifices to teach them well? How is it our societies are falling apart faster than we can blink an eye, as this culture of death grows, if not because of the sacrificial lambs killed on the altar of convenience everyday. Men like Gosnell are the pro-choice movements martyr.

I am sorry for the sarcasm in this article, but I could barely contain my anger. After all if we don’t get angry for these little ones, who will?

The blood of these innocent children are screaming to heaven for vengeance. And wasn’t it God that said, ‘vengeance will be mine’.

We need a peace plan all right. We need an end to abortion to bring real peace to this world. We need people to stand at abortion clinics, we need people to fast and to pray rosaries, and we need penance, penance, penance. Which one of these will you do for these little ones? Let us hope if we can’t stand at abortion clinics, we will do something, so, God doesn’t hold us accountable on the last day too?

God help us all,

Please leave me your comments.

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©Copyright 2013 Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved.

RitaMarkNov2012Painting2_optRita is a Catholic wife and mother of seven children. Mark is her ever patient husband. She reverted back to the faith when her oldest was making her First Communion. By then, she had completed degrees in Hairdressing and Make up artistry. She went on to receive a degree in Natural Health and another degree in Art. At age 26, Rita suffered a minor stroke. With no lasting effects, this dramatically changed her outlook on life. In 1996, Rita began ‘Little Flowers Family Apostolates’ to reach out to other families with her new found faith, by creating unique Catholic books and resources.. In 1999, she wrote the bestselling, ‘Immodesty; Satan’s Virtue’. She was editor of ‘The Catholic Health Letter’ for 7 years. She has been a homeschooling mom for 20+ years, and has written for various magazines. She is honored that families have trusted her with their questions, needs and concerns over the years. She continues to write and reach out to Catholic families with her husband, Mark and their 4 boys through http://www.LittleFlowersFamilyPress.com


14 responses to “Gosnell and the Satanic Dimension”

  1. Luanne Ginardi Avatar
    Luanne Ginardi

    The death penalty should never be used for vengeance, which belongs to God. I was happy that Gosnell avoided it, not because I condone what he did in the least, but because it would do no good to kill him, even if it happened. Avoiding the death penalty cost him his right to appeal, so this won’t have to be unsettled for years.

    As for marrying and having children, he is credited with six children, but who’s to say they are his. I believe I heard he’d “married” three times as well, and the odds are highly against all of them being valid marriages.

    I also disagree with what you wrote about the devil thriving on the blood of the babies. At worst the babies go to Limbo, so the devil can’t touch them. I’m sure the devil loves abortion, but because he claims adult souls through it, not the babies.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Thanks Luanne, yes, who can tell how many marriages he’s had, that’s for sure! His life is a mess in my opinion.
      The Church has always felt that the death penalty was valid for someone who was a danger to society, or other reasons. (not every criminal of course) The reason the Church did approve it, was because it can often be the grace they need to repent of their crimes. Often, they live in a dream where they don’t realize what they’ve done, but once they are facing the death penalty, suddenly they realize it’s now or never, and for some it’s the last shred of hope for them to convert that they would not have. So the Church doesn’t do it out of vengeance, but charity. Considering our jails these days give warmth, clothing, 3 square meals, books to read, tv, and more, it’s hardly much of a punishment like labor camp would be.
      And I’m sorry you don’t agree about the devil thriving on the blood of aborted babies. I can’t say for sure that I am right of course. But we know that God has a plan in all of this, whether to allow the devil some playtime to appease his thirst for souls, or perhaps these babies are the victims of our lifestyles, our sins in the world then, victim souls, holding back God’s hand from wiping us off this earth. Yes, the devil can’t touch those babies perhaps, but we can’t say that he is not enjoying (being inspired?) seeing babies ripped to pieces and thrown in trash cans. These babies that were created by God in His own image, with the potential to become mothers and fathers, or priests or saints, the devil surely is having a field day inspiring the evil abortionists, and the mothers who are lead my fear, convenience or whatever. He is feeding off this industry somehow or it could not flourish as it has. God help us for sure!

      1. Luanne Ginardi Avatar
        Luanne Ginardi

        Dear Rita.

        The Church has indeed approved the death penalty, but the purpose has to be to protect society from the criminal, not because it is more fair in our eyes than the comfort of prison. The man is 72. The odds that he will ever escape from prison are very, very small. The odds that he would return to his abortionist ways even if he did escape are probably pretty small too. Together they are probably not any larger than the odds that any person might lose it mentally and hurt someone. That means we have really nothing more to fear from him, so the answer is probably to cut back on the comforts of the prison system, not to execute him. It’s also true that the threat of death can cause a conversion for some, but a longer life to reflect can also cause a conversion for others. We can’t foresee which is better, so we can’t really decide to over ride God on that one. God will be exacting the death penalty from all of us, and He knows best when to ask it. He could cause Gosnell’s death, and very soon, and do it with just enough time for Gosnell to realize what he is facing and repent, if that is best.

        As for the devil, maybe I didn’t understand what you intended by what you wrote. I doubt if the devil would get his jollies just killing babies, whose souls do not go to hell. In fact, while the babies might have grown up to be saints, some might also have grown up to sin enough to go to hell, so he is losing those souls. I don’t doubt that the devil is behind abortion, and that he supports it because it furthers his ends, but he benefits by taking souls of the adults involved to hell. Killing the babies is a means to another end for him, not an end in and of itself.

        Hope this makes my points a bit more clear.

        God bless you,

        1. Rita Davidson Avatar

          Thanks Luanne yes, it’s I agree on your points here. Some we have no clear direction on obviously so can only assume, God’s plan in all of this.
          Only God knows how best to save the souls made in His image!
          All good points Luanne and thank you for sharing your thoughts so others may consider these important points.
          God bless you!
          Rita 🙂

  2. Susan M Avatar
    Susan M

    I am 63 and am a convert to Catholicism. I went through RCIA and joined the Church at Easter, 2009. I am also an advocate for animals. I don’t agree with a lot of things PETA does, but I do appreciate their work in getting cosmetics and other companies to go cruelty-free. I have a calling to help animals. I have learned over the years that all of us have our calling, or callings. I don’t judge people who do pro-life work — I just don’t share their calling. I pray for an end for the need, or perceived need, for abortion. I believe Gosnell will have plenty to answer for when he goes before the One who will judge us all. I do what I can to educate myself about all life issues. I respect everyone who does what he or she can to help others, according to his or her abilities and means, and according to his or her call. I would like others to give me the same respect.

  3. amy Avatar

    I had a woman describe to me about an abortion. She watched the doctor pull her baby out and saw the baby cry and take his first breath and saw the doctor cut off his head and pull the rest of the baby out. The sad thing is that when I talk to a lot of women these days they say a woman should be able to kill as many of her children as she wants and at any time she wants. I’ve had some tell me ,”You make a big deal about it. You make it worse than it is so what if we kill children.” I think a lot has to do with feminism in the world which as I had been involved in Wica and other non Christian religions for awhile is no different than the larger world view these days. I feel that we have gotten rid of God’s plan for us and this leads us ary. I was lucky a religious Catholic man prayed for me for four years and I came back to Christ and God’s plan. I think we all have to pray continueously for a change of heart in our entire world. Luckily I never did abortion, and was never lose and sleeping around.

  4. Bernadette Avatar

    Congradulations on this great article, hope many read it, confess, repent, restitute and gain Grace to save their souls; for hell is real, God does not want His creation there.
    I am dealing with another issue – the treatment of the handicap and disabled but not mentally. Although a wheelchair seems to suggest that to many who come in contact with them or have to work with them. My anger is high some days as management at this place makes life like a prison or jail for many of them, with their restrictions and rules as if they do not suffer enough with their disabilities, they have to cause more suffering for them. We should make their lives as comfortable as possible with unconditional help but not this place. We are at war with management to help the disabled and handicap but where do you turn? Many of the upper crusts – so to speak – are siding with management and we have a real battle on our hands. Many times one just wants to give up until you look at those poor people having to live without the freedoms we live with; so we plug on with the Grace of God. So with those who commit abortion we must be continuely prodding and hounding and Praying until the Light is seen. God Bless you + + +

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Beautifully said Bernadette!
      I too worry about the disabled as I have 3 disabled boys myself! Governments are getting more and more bold with their anti-life laws! All we can do is pray and make penance and pray it’s enough.

      Please share with with whomever you think will read it, so that many eyes are opened to this growing evil.
      God bless and keep you,
      Rita/LFFA 🙂

  5. Iris Repollo Avatar
    Iris Repollo

    Thank you for writing this article. There are so many horrifying things happening in the world today that could only be called diabolical or inspired by the devil, abortion being the foremost of them. Sometimes I feel helpless at being besieged by so much evil in the world, but whenever I do, I try to remember the words of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” Then I am again filled with courage and hope. Sr. Lucy, in her last interview with Fr. Fuentes, has also said that in these times, Our Lord has given a new efficacy to Our Lady’s most holy Rosary so that there is nothing in our lives as individuals, families and communities that cannot be solved by praying the Rosary. So while we are doing what is humanly possible to stop all these evils, let us also turn to Our Lady for help and encouragement. Let us, then, not grow weary in doing good and in praying for soon, her triumph will be ours too.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Amen! Iris you said it in a nutshell here! Yes, we must never grow tired of fighting for the truth. Though we get weary we then must always rest on Our Lady and her rosary and she will strengthen us for another day of battle! Thank you for sharing and God bless you, Rita/LFFA

  6. amy Avatar

    I used to be a special education teacher before I became disabled myself. I used to be very upset at the way the school districts treated children with special needs. I’m in America by the way and it is interesting to see how much the same Canada obviously is to America with abuses toward the disabled, and it seems Canada is just as much for abortion as America in general is. I was appalled to find out that at least 50% of the women in the United States have had at least one abortion if not more. I like your site on modesty because in the United States we have in general become a nation of sex. I think it goes hand in hand. We dress immodest because what is important is sex (not marriage and family, we have more than 50% of marriages end in divorce and most never get married they just sleep around and maybe live with someone) So to me modesty is a fight to go in the opposite direction as to how we have been going. I’ve actually have had people talk to me about why I don’t wear short dresses and low cut dresses etc. How I dress is noticeable in our society. So any of us that choose to follow the Catholic guidelines for modesty is a soldier for Christ.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      Well, talking of Canada Amy, is that we have alot of propaganda news up here. You will never hear the ‘true’ story here, because I think Canada works harder to brainwash people here. Thanks to the internet, though we can now see all the ‘news’ and especially the news they don’t want us to see. Eg; Gosnell. Canada is no different that we are sex-saturated here too. I think any country you would go to today is the same. Sex is making it’s rounds around the world and people are so sleepy they have no idea what is going on. Yes, we must stand up for what is right, perhaps at time putting ourselves in the spotlight. I think it best not to try be in the spotlight, but to be the best example of a true martyr of Christ, Martyrs of Purity for example, so that we can convert as many as possible by our charity, our modesty and our faith. While there is still time. God bless you! Rita/LFFA

  7. kirsten h Avatar

    I am a committed animal rights advocate.
    IN PART.. because being cruel to animals in a usual precursor to being cruel , period. Its called habituation. you can become habituated to violence, to suffering, to killing. Once you become accustomed to it it becomes easier and easier to go on…

    As an aside.. PETA is evil. yes that’s a strong word. i used to support them, until i found out what they actually do. they are completely opposed to pets, and animals in captivity AT ALL. this means they want all domestic cats and dogs killed.
    They take adoptable pets from shelters, from places they have a 60% adoption rate, and kill them. PETA had to release their facts and 90% or more of the animals they take in are killed. that’s worse than ANY shelter. Read their own words… “animals should not be kept as pets”.
    They raise money from people who think that will go to helping animals, and it actually supports killing them.
    twisting the truth like that? yeah, evil

    not in the same league with abortion you say? PETA supports “reducing the human population” to conserve resources… by “any means needed” including abortion and euthanasia.

    1. amy Avatar

      I’m so glad someone knows what PETA is really about. We’ve had quite a fight here where I live in a small town in USA fighting them against not allowing us to have pets. We own this time, we are still allowed to have pets but it was a year long fight and we don’t feel the war is over. I was surprised they wanted to kill all the animals. I didn’t know they wanted to kill people too, but I ‘m not surprised.

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