Halftee Black Friday Sale

Hello my friends!

I haven’t abandoned you – just so many irons in the fire, as they say .. I’ll update you on that soon.

Today I didn’t want you to miss this Black Friday Sale at Halftee !!

I’ve been waiting for this sale ALL WEEK (maybe all year!) haha

What is Halftee ?

  • Halftee’s are those sweet, undershirts that I use so I can wear sleeveless shirts (and cover my flabby underarms EEK )
  • I use them to extend a neckline on a shirt.
  • I use them to add a pop of color just, well, because

Now you can get 30% off TODAY ONLY with my code “Rita30” at www.halftee.com

How do you Halftee ?

Enjoy !!

this is me most days lol

With much Love

Rita Xxo

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