Happy Mothers Day!!

How was your Mothers Day? Did you get some rest? I didn’t lol so don’t feel bad.

I slept in, that was good. These early mornings with workers banging has really worn me out. We made lots of progress this week with the tar paper on the roof and windows and doors on.

davidson family trust

Then extensive grading done in the laneway and around the house to keep out any water.

davidson family trust

Then I thought its Mother Day !! My face needed a good pampering so I gave it a good Scrub and Honey Mask from my favorite skincare – Ann Marie Gianni  (You can get your own free sample kit HERE.)

Ann Marie Gianni skin care

Now I LOVE my skincare but if you don’t really work at your own beauty it can be really hard to get your skincare to matter. See how ugly I can really be?!

my ugly duckling story

Eeewww shocking my friends just shocking…. Yes my friends I can really be ugly – in fact I call myself the “ugly duckling” as I am not a natural beauty. I’m not ashamed to show you my “ugly duckling” look, after all we are among friends here. Haha But I want you to see that being an ugly duckling is not an excuse to throw in the towel!

my own kind of beauty

Thankfully God has instilled us all with knowledge and wisdom for some self care. Basic self care should be learned from our moms, but it is not something I learned from my mom really. Maybe regular baths and such but, “how to find your own kind of beauty” that’s something I had to find myself.  What about you? Now I can save my family from my ugliness. Haha

Happy Mothers day to me

In a family of boys you can’t expect much for Mothers Day – but they try their best and I LOVE their efforts!!

Dandelion bouquet

Flowers are my love language so my dandelion bouquet from Liam’s was so sweet.

roses from Mark

And roses from Mark

baking my own cake

It wasn’t long before I realized I had to bake my own cake …

doing laundry

And pick up Liam’s Laundry from the floor – sigh

Rita Davidson

And soon after, sat down a little more than exhausted haha

And my face is still struggling with Bells Palsy but I’m ever so grateful to having my mother still with us.

And we didn’t get rain so I’m so thankful for my day with loved ones. Our work here is going up quickly and I can’t wait to show you more updates.

Davidson Family Trust

Our room is still closed off because of the cold but it’s so exciting having it so nearly done! We are so thankful for the workers we found that have done such good work for us.

On another note; Tomorrow, maybe by the time you read, this I’ll be having a procedure to check for bladder cancer. 🙁  As tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima I am praying for a good clear report. I ask your prayers dear friends for me and I give you my prayers as well.

May God bless you and reward you!

In the Immaculate Heart

With love

Rita Xxo

(C) Copyright 2019. Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved.


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