Happy New Year and a year in review

My year in review with my #topnine posts of this year.. ahh was an Instagram thing but hope Facebook enjoyed as I’m too tired to care! Haha ?

1️⃣ A big part of our year was renovations and repairs to our home.

2️⃣ And going without a kitchen for 50 days ?

3️⃣Then my all new online Skin Care Consults I began this past year… but sadly no webinars due to all the disruption to our home. ?

4️⃣ My mothers smile warms my heart ♥️

5️⃣ my mother’s ongoing care for her dementia and is now bedridden from her arthritis. But we are so thankful to have her with us.

6️⃣Me and all the weight I lost because of my Lyme disease… ? oh it was so nice to be skinny! (For a while) ??

7️⃣All my fashion post ideas to help all you ladies feel beautiful in dress/skirts all year! ?(did it work?)

8️⃣ And “Cheers” to Mark and I for another anniversary year.. 33 now praise God! ??

9️⃣Lastly, my smile ? is starting to come back and surprised me right before Christmas ?!!!! Yay !!!! So much to be thankful for ! ????

What’s your biggest takeaways from your year?

What progress have you made to be thankful for? Share your #topnine with me! ????

With much love for a healthy, happy New Year!

Rita & family


I didn’t forget about Christmas but couldn’t bear to send Christmas wishes when I knew your email boxes were being overwhelmed by every sale…. so here’s Merry Christmastide to you!!!

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