Have you edified your neighbor lately?

I was sitting here pondering what to write today. What would help you get one step closer to heaven? You see with a new year upon us I am always wondering how much more time do I have left? How much time do I have to share with you what God has placed on my heart?

This year, I have tricked myself into saying my morning prayers, daily. Yes, daily – you see I still struggle with some things. Anyhow, all I did was set a prayer-book near me and pick it up once I sit down with coffee BEFORE I think of ANYTHING else. It seems to work, though I’m working on making it a habit.

Speaking of habits, did you know it takes 66 days to create a habit?! Yes, it used to be 21 days, but research shows it actually takes 66 days to create a habit. So looks like I’ll have to read my morning prayers everyday for 66 days now to make it stick.

That brings me to modesty. Those of you with problems with modest dressing, you haven’t given it enough time. You see it takes 66 days to create a new habit. In this case, a new habit of wearing skirts only (or dresses). So are you committed to going 66 days with SKIRTS ONLY to create a habit that will change your life? What do I need to do to convince you?

But back to my morning prayers, in the prayer-book I have, it’s called “Key of Heaven” it has a list of things we should do each day to save our souls. (you know back in 1930 they really cared about that?!)  In fact I think I shared this list with you all a little while back?

morning prayers

but one of the things on that list is:

“Your neighbor to edify.”

and I got to thinking… wow, edify our neighbor..HOW do we do that?

Are we edifying TO OTHERS in yoga pants?

Or maybe in a long skirt BUT with RUNNING SHOES?!

Or how about those leggings, heavens I hope not, do we think THAT is edifying?

You know I’ve been talking to a few new supporters of this mission; I help faithful Catholic women feel beautiful and modest. When I say that modesty will change your life I’m not kidding. It really will. BUT it won’t change your life until you let it.

SO many of you are sitting on the fence, wishing someone would just give you permission to wear skirts. Your waiting for someone to say the Church mandated this. (well it did but….)

Your reading every blog post, listening to every video and podcast on modesty, all to convince yourself, but really in hopes you can convince yourself it’s ‘not needed’. Then you will be off the hook…for now. Ouch that hurt eh?

Do you see what you are doing to the heart of God who gave so much for you?

This same God who loves you and wishes to save your soul, is asking you to go deeper with him through modesty?

Covering your beauty is not humility either. Yes, there are some that mistakenly think wearing ankle length skirts, button up shirts and no make-up will save you. You’ve been dressing modestly for 5 or 10 years or so and haven’t thought about it much. But your lack of concern for your beauty is not humility. It could actually be a form of pride for you.

Modesty is such a complicated thing, not because God made this hard, but because your hearts are not large enough to see what God sees, and society today has made it harder to understand a virtue so precious.

Edify your neighbor with your modesty!

So wear a skirt and be beautiful today and change the world. Yes…we are going to change the world, God is waiting for us.


Not sure how? Just ask or post below!



with MUCH love,

Rita xxo



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  1. Hi Rita,
    Thank you for the this and the reminder about creating good habits. I have this book and it’s about time I use it!
    I wear skirts all the time. The leggings I wear are only on a snowy or freezing day and no one sees them because they are hidden under my long skirt. I use them for extra warmth only.
    I do, however, need help in the beauty department.
    I enjoy your blog.

    1. Post

      Hi Dolores!!
      So great to see you here…. I’m so glad my post rang a bell with you. And I hope by now you have pulled out my book ?!? 🤩

      I would love to help you in the beauty department?!? Send me a message or post here and let me know how I can help you ?!
      With much love
      Rita Xxo

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