Heat or cold is no excuse not to wear a dress!

Our Wear the Dress Challenge that starts today…… I’m so EXCITED for the ladies that have already joined us to make reparation by wearing a dress this lent.
But how can you wear a dress in the cold?
Sweet Marian wrote, “Sorry sweetie, when it’s 14 degrees with a wind chill of -2, I am NOT wearing a dress.” 🙂
Aww Marian thank you for writing!
Aww Marian thank you for writing! Sending lots of warmth your way <3 🙂
But the whole purpose of penance is that it IS hard right?
So, wearing a dress in the cold sounds like a perfect lenten penance to me? 🙂
But, I hate to break it to you… Wearing a Dress in the cold actually will NOT make you colder at all.
In fact in the 20+ years that I have been wearing a dress (skirt) everyday we have had -28F temperatures in winter, and we have had 105F temperatures in summer….
so heat or cold is no excuse not to wear a dress!
Dresses (skirts) can actually be warmer.
Let me explain:
  1. If done properly, they trap heat closer to our bodies.
  2. It is easier to have many layers under a dress.
  3. And lastly, YOU CAN WEAR LEGGINGS or even Pajamas Pants UNDER your dress if you want?! (See Marian you can do it and be warm too!) 🙂
Plus, by joining in our challenge I will help you with any obstacles you mighy have by giving you tips for staying warm or tips for finding skirts or whatever you come up with. 🙂
Wear the dress challenge
 SO won’t you join us for  Wear the Dress Challenge for Lent this year?
 Doors close Sunday, so we can hunker down for 40 days, making reparation wearing dresses together!  Join us now while you still can. 🙂
With MUCH love to all the Marian’s out there <3 ,
Rita xo 🙂
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