Hello ! Rita Davidson, author of Immodesty, Satan's Virtue has a new blog!


Welcome to Rita Davidson’s Little Flowers Family Blog! I’ve branched out into the world of social media! With hopes of reaching far to find many souls that we can inspire, comfort, instruct and edify!

With the latest of news of my popular, Immodesty Satan’s Virtue book running out of print. There has been a ton of comments coming in to keep it in print. So, I am working on that. I am also working on improving our service to you, of making it easier for you to find me. Many changes are coming to Little Flowers Family Press, so bookmark our blog and website and await the changes that will improve your shopping with us. I am so excited to be writing more and keeping in contact with you all more!

So many families call and email me looking for advice and instruction on the Catholic faith, but as we have grown it is becoming harder and harder to give personal replies to each and every one. So, I wanted to find a way to make many benefit from all the advice I give. So, here it is !

Be patient as we work out the ‘kinks’.  Rather than keep this blog hidden, I thought I’d let you all see it ‘as is’ and watch it progress. We are taking off the mask, so you can see us as we are. Much of our lives are a work in progress, so this blog will be a work in progress. Our souls are ever on a journey to our heavenly home, and so there is no need for me to look perfect for you. I am far from perfect. And it has been through the faith of all your families that have believed in me and supported us, that I have become a better Catholic today. I only hope through this blog I can give back to you all, what you all have given to me – Hope!  

With love,



6 responses to “Hello ! Rita Davidson, author of Immodesty, Satan's Virtue has a new blog!”

  1. Sandra Lopez Avatar
    Sandra Lopez

    Rita, I am enjoying your blog. Please email me at your earliest convenience concerning a project I am trying to begin, God willing.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      THanks Sandra
      Just go to our contact page to contact me.
      Thanks so much
      Rita 🙂
      Author of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”

  2. Mary Mcgowan Avatar
    Mary Mcgowan

    Love your book! Skirts only now.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Yay!!! So happy for you Mary!!
      Thank you so much !!
      With much love
      Rita ?
      Author of Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

      1. Mary Mcgowan Avatar
        Mary Mcgowan

        Hey Rita just wondering if you’ve ever prayed the St. Michael chaplet or if you have one? Also are you aware of the Satanic law NY gov Cuomo enacted and ever lit up all the public buildings in pink in celebration? I live in Virginia and I was horrified to see our governor Northam agree the next day!!!!

        1. Rita Davidson Avatar
          Rita Davidson

          Hi Mary
          Yes I have prayed the St Michael Chaplet and had one before our fire ? I just got a new one so will have to track down the prayers now.
          And yes I’ve heard the news of the NY antilife signing for full term abortions. These are evil times and we must pray for and stop wasting our time with entertainment.
          God bless you
          Author of Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

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