Here is One Way to dress up your wardrobe

It’s not often I come across a unique item to share with you. But this one was AMAZING !!

So I tracked it down and got a box of them a few days ago and just had to share.

Now ladies, if you are not getting compliments from your husband, or maybe he just prefers you in pants, that is because your modest wardrobe needs an update!  That is why I am now launching;

Beautifully Modest YOU – Styling appointments – (watch for it!)


But for now here is an item I”d love to see on you… watch this and let me know what you think?


I hope you enjoyed this?

It’s my job to tell you, “get dressed to stay home” because your family is worth it!

Let me know if this resource was helpful? I”ll be sharing other resources with you and hope to see your outfits get some fun in them?

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With much LOVE

Rita xxo


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2 responses to “Here is One Way to dress up your wardrobe”

  1. Jennifer Hill Avatar
    Jennifer Hill

    You dress more flamboyantly than I. ?
    It’s really lovely on you, but I would be uncomfortable.
    I really like the change in your hair. It looks very nice, as does yr makeup. I need a new foundation & something for my wrinkles, but I hate fiddling. I have prescription stuff & I’m sure it works, but it annoys me. LOL

    Hubster isn’t thrilled with change, altho he doesn’t care if my hair is short (curlier) or longer. I haven’t decided what I’m doing w it. It’ll be the 2nd of June before I can get in.
    I’ve been weak w/o being able to walk w/out walker (need hip replacement, sometime, this Summer) & some days it’s too much trouble to get dressed & curl my hair. Not a good thing. It adds to depression.
    Jim bought me a wonderful recliner & moved my love seat into the sitting room with its match.

    I need to get the neighbor boy over to help set it up the way I want it. I can hardly wait!
    I want to dump the wall to wall carpet & have, since we moved here in ’94! But, cost.
    I think we’ll go w vinyl plank flooring, altho I worry about off-gassing. We’ll make sure there’s plenty of airflow!

    We’ve thought about selling our home. I don’t know, altho I’d love to go away to the sun in the Winter, for a couple of months. We’ll see. Maybe, we’ll become snowbirds.
    I would breathe more easily at a lower elevation. We’re at 5600′. Surrounded by mountains. It’s really beautiful.. So, I doubt we’ll ever move.

    Hang in there, my friend. Oh, did I tell you? I’ve lost weight! 254 to 188! I have tons of loose skin & it has put wrinkles on my wrinkles (along w years of pain).
    But, I do have the best husband in the world. He understands. He’ll be 70 in 1.5 yrs! How in the world has the time gone by so quickly?
    I’ll be 65 in Oct.
    Pray for him & our older son, Lee. It’s a good thing Our Lady is “on the job”. Our young priest refuses him Communion as he won’t go to Confession. Sigh. So, Jim doesn’t go to Mass! A stalemate. Very hard.
    Our son, Lee, says he’s an atheist. He lost his Faith during his druggie days, late teens/early 20s & when his first wife went walkabout, taking their children. What a mess. He & Ann have total custody.
    Brianna is in the Air Force & Terrance will be joining Army Special Forces after he finishes HS. They have no Faith. & I worry Anti-Christ is on the horizon. God help us.

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      I LOVE vibrant colors – they remind of of the flowers and sunsets God created for us to enjoy!
      Congrats on your weight loss! And praying for all your needs and more.

      God bless you,
      Author of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue, saved from the ashes…

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