To Homeschool or not ?


  To Homeschool or not ?
by Rita Davidson




    There was a time, when we could all depend on our local Catholic schools to take care of our children’s spiritual needs. The faith pouring out of these institutions was evident in the charity, truth, courage and holiness of these priests and sisters that took this job seriously.  


We can all agree that times are a-changing. While there are pockets of private Catholic schools that still look like this, government run Catholics schools do not. Recent developments in Canada now mandates government-run Catholic schools to go against Catholic teaching to institute Gay alliance clubs.  The government does not have the good of the faith at heart. What has been much more troubling is that Canadian bishops have backed down from fighting the government on this. So our shepherds have abandoned the flock too.  Do you think your children are safe in these schools ? Do you think these Bishops would impart the faith of all time when they do not see how cowardly their ways?  They do not feel called to defend  our children ?

  In the U.S. things are not looking much brighter. With the HHS Mandate developments pressing against the faith there too. Pressure is coming from all sides. We only need to look at the recent movie For Greater Glory to see how terrible governments can get when they outlaw religion.   


 For anyone struggling with the decision to homeschool or to allow their children to continue on in our diocesean schools I would say – pray. Pray that God would enlighten you to understand how to protect your children. Pray that God will give you guidance how best to educate them. Research what is your duty in regards to your children. As Catholic parents it is our right and our duty to protect our children at all costs. Schools today are rampant sources of evil; teaching evolution, liberalism, impurity and more. The students in schools today come from families that give only lip-service to being Catholic. That means those children are just like public school children with little thought of purity and truth. Those are the students playing in the playground with your children?  Can you really be sure your children are not picking up seeds that will grow and tear out their faith ? 


   "It is the duty of parents to make every effort to prevent any invasion on their rights in this matter, and to make absolutely sure that the education of their children remains under their own control, in keeping with their Christian duty, and above all to refuse to send them to those schools in which there is danger of inbibing the deadly poison of impiety. " Pius IX, Christian Education of Youth 


It seems pretty clear. But that doesn’t mean it is simple. Many obstacles might need to be overcome to pull children out of school. A top priority to contact is the Home School Legal Defense Association (google them in the U.S. or Canada). Join them and get your family protected. Believe me, today, every homeschooler needs their protection.    


  What does this mean for your family? It might mean some cutbacks if one of you have to stop working. It might been some sacrifices to keep your children safe. It might mean you eat a bit different to save on grocery shopping.  It might mean you have a couple rough weeks getting it all together. 


  It might also mean you’ll have less stress since you don’t have to worry what your children are doing. It might also mean more joy because your able to bake a pie with your children or read a book under a tree together. It might mean saved money if your smart with your shopping and no longer have to buy work clothes for you, or fancy clothes for schooling. It definitely means improving your chances of having a successful family. A better education is on the horizon and above all, a way to save the souls of your children. The ones entrusted to you by God Himself during a time when society is upside down. Now that is a plan I would vote for.



What do you think ? Comment below and share your story ? 

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Rita is a Catholic wife and mother of seven children. She reverted back to the faith when her oldest was making her First Communion. In 1996, Rita began ‘Little Flowers Family Apostolates’ to reach out to other families with her new found faith.
   In 1999, she wrote the bestselling, ‘Immodesty; Satan’s Virtue’. She was editor of ‘The Catholic Health Letter’ for 7 years. A homeschooling mom for 20+ years, she has been honored that families have trusted her with their questions, needs and concerns over the years. S
   he continues to write and reach out to Catholic families with her husband, Mark and their 4 boys; Get a sample of the unique materials here:


3 responses to “To Homeschool or not ?”

  1. theresegemma2hearts Avatar

    In my experience, families are most successful at homeschooling when, instead of homeschooling because the school is bad, they homeschool because they wish to embrace their role as the primary educator of their child and want their children to be educated in a home, rather then peer-focused environment.  Families who “homeschool under duress”  usually jump ship, sometimes even to public school, when the difficult times hit.
    Our diocesean schools are worse then our public schools here…but we have are blessed with a traditional Catholic chapel and a  good, traditional Catholic private school.  It has teaching sisters and traditional priests.  And we still have to fight modernism, feminism, liberalism, immodesty (even wtih uniforms!) bullying, all those kinds of issues…and even traditional priests and sisters can have it more then they realize! That aside, though, there is still the idea if the school was as perfect as humanly possible, it is still not the best environment for the education of children.  We need to realize that 1950’s style schooling led to a generation of Catholics who left their faith at the drop of a hat at VII and therefore something was wrong with it!  -When Everyone was Homeschooled  -Homeschooling vs. the Ideal Catholic School

    “On the Christian Education of Youth”, often cited by anti-homeschooling priests, doesn’t say homeschooling isn’t allowed. It would be strange if it did, considering it was the norm for much of human history!  It defends the right of the Church to educate, the mission of the Church in education, and the absolute necessity for Catholic, not secular, education.  A Catholic school is a way your child can get a Catholic education. But it is not the only way, and is often not the best way, even with a wonderful school (and ours truly is).

  2. StMarthasGirl Avatar

    Homeschooling my son was the best thing that could have happened to us as a family. I sent my daughter to Catholic schools. Grade school was ok, but as she went into middle school and high school it was a terrible experience with all the same evils as in the public schools. So, when it came time for my son to leave grade school for middle school we decided after much prayer to try homeschooling.  As my husband and I had never learned our Faith growing up with families that were Catholic only in name, we used the Our Lady of Victory program and learned our Faith right alongside our son. My son also learned such things as auto mechanics, plumbing, carpentry and basic repairs while working alongside my husband. Since my husband works from 3:00 to 11:00 p.m., my son would not even have seen his father during the weekdays if he had been sent to school. He escaped all the damaging peer pressure he could have experienced in school and now, as a 23 year old, is a hard-working, well-rounded young man who gets along with people of all ages. Most importantly, he knows and lives his Catholic Faith. We thank God always for the graces He gave to us to be able to homeschool.

  3. Rita Davidson Avatar

    Love your comments ! Keep them coming ! I hate to write on here all my my lonesome. 🙂  I’m sure your comments were very helpful for many other moms too. God bless!

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