Why YOU must have HOPE

My heart is heavy…

Some people are mourning …

Others are celebrating…

I have mixed emotions about so many things. Things I have seen that I can’t un-see. Things I have heard that I can’t un-hear.

Scary rumors in Canada about our government. Our eyes were watching the USA closely for a sign of hope that Trump would get in. But after the election on November 3rd, hope was losing steam and finally lost all glitter with January 6th. My heart is heavy…

One thing we can be sure of… God is still in control.

There I said it. Yes, God is still in control.

And for those of you on my email list, I am here to give you some hope. Cause we could all use some HOPE right now.

We are living the prophecies of Fatima.

Our Lady of Fatima predicted this – when she said “Russia would spread her errors throughout the world causing wars and persecution of the faithful.”

“Wars are a punishment for sin”

She asked, “I want Russia consecrated to my Immaculate Heart – if this is done there will be an era of peace. If not Russia would spread her errors throughout the world.”

She later said about the Consecration, it will be done – “but it would be late, (it’s late now as we can see the errors of Russia have spread all the way around the world into the USA now.)

We have corrupted mainstream media.

We have corrupted school systems.

We have corrupted hearts. 🙁

It is very late and getting later – but we have signs of hope… Conservative voices are rising and getting stronger all around the world. Thousands showed up at the Capital (yes I know the violence but keep your eyes on the prize). People’s eyes are being opened – all around the world!

We have a few Strong leaders in the Church Arch. Viganò , Archbishop Schnieder,  and a few others. They are growing. –

this is not going to be fixed by men it must be fixed by God through Our Lady.

The more impossible it seems, the more we know it will be fixed by God!

We are living these prophecies ! Have HOPE!

With much love,
Watch for my next post about What Media you should Follow.
Stay safe, and watchful!
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