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Organize your soul !

Why God sends Crosses and How to make the BEST of them – Online Video Class with Rita

Crosses are everywhere. I hear so many worries, frustrations and concerns. Fallen away loved ones from the faith, illnesses like cancer that seem to heartless, lives being taken so abruptly it seems anything but fair.

As Catholics, we know we shouldn’t complain but we do. We can’t shut that worry off in our heads that just goes round and around. Some of us are losing our faith little by little because we have questions left unanswered and it is weakening our faith.

But, I’ve been praying what this year can mean not just for me, but for the Church, and the World. This is a a scary time to live for some of us.

As some of you know we wandered for 18 months after our house fire. Living homeless for 6 months, with no running water or indoor toilets, having to start over, was quite the journey considering we live in a civilized country. I am so grateful for the lessons that God taught me when he let us watch every precious memory go up in flames. The extra TRUST He wanted us to have in Him, when I felt most vulnerable in this world.

People hear our story and “thank” us, THANK US, for what our story taught them. INCREDIBLE! Since then I have known families that have lost their homes through fire, mothers whose babies have died both pre-born and after birth. I’ve heard stories of lost loved ones, lost jobs and so much more. I am always amazed at the variety of crosses that God can send.

This isn’t the first cross we have carried. Our crosses go back a long way. Coming from a complicated family, being a single mom at 18, a stroke at 26, over the years suffering abuse, anorexia, infertility, miscarriage, poverty, depression, and anxiety. I’ve seen ALOT. But watching our oldest children leave the faith and our family was the most heartbreaking.

Take a DEEP Breathe I tell myself! I just want to have a FRESH start, don’t you? Just a way to shake off the old and start a new path – for our soul.

But the most IMPORTANT way to get a ‘fresh start’ is to start at the beginning.


I see so many people rebelling against their crosses. Angry and hurt, not understanding how God could DO this to THEM?

St. Augustine tells us, “When people plan to erect a lofty and large building, they make the foundations all the deeper. But those who lay the foundation are forced to descend into the depths.”

New Years goals like weight loss, and health plans are great, but if we have a dis-ordered soul, our work is on a weak foundation. Crosses WILL come, we can’t get away from them, but if we don’t learn how to carry them, we will fail at the most important job we have, SALVATION.

Descend to the depths with me to find the keys of how to live a truly Catholic life carrying our daily cross with joy.

Are you are ready to stop blaming God for your crosses?

Are you ready to find hope and strength again?

Are ready to learn how to pick up your cross anew each day?

I will teach you the valuable lessons I learned from my crosses in this BESTSELLING Online class.

What You will learn in this Class;  

  • How to find the one key to understanding your crosses.
  • Why God sends crosses?
  • Dangers to avoid when a new cross arrives.
  • How your health contributes to your hope.
  • What habits to build NOW that will carry you through the hardest crosses LATER.
  • How complaining undermines God’s work in your soul and why?
  • Don’t be surprised if you get over one cross to fail at another and Why?
  • The one Key to staying on Track each day.

This ONLINE CLASS promises to give you the tools to survive your crosses in a NEW way with hope and trust that God knows what He is doing. And to find the strength to embrace your crosses each day.

With 7 action-packed video’s to take you step by step, (I built in lots of time by keeping them short). And I added a weekly worksheet to help you follow along and dig deeper to reinforce your learning.

How do you know “Organizing Your Soul” is for you?

  1. Do you find yourself whining or bitter about the life you have been dealt?
  2. Are you carrying a cross so heavy you have great difficulty each day?
  3. Do you hear yourself complaining a lot?
  4. Do you feel so weighed down by your life, you are too tired to fight?
  5. Do you blame God for things that have gone wrong in your life?
  6. Do you find yourself NOT understanding how God could do this to YOU?
  7. Do you have days you are worn out and have little hope?
  8. Have you just suffered your first big loss and don’t know how to cope? Death of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a home? Or maybe it’s just a chronic health issue that has worn you down?
  9. Or maybe you are irritated by the little things, like the grease splatter on your clean shirt at breakfast, the messy diaper your toddler spread on the floor (AGAIN!), or that letter you didn’t get today?
  10. Perhaps you just know, you need some reminders to get back to basics of your faith and some accountability along the way to help?

If you said YES, to one or more of these questions this class is for you!


Here is just a FEW of the comments from Class #1:

“Listened to the audio w/o one problem!
Your counsel, intuition & wisdom are such a blessing for us. Will listen again (at least once more) to take notes- especially the “aha! Moments”. Have a great Monday. Stay warm!”

“Thank you, Rita! That was really thought provoking and helpful. I’m looking forward to moving forward with the new video tomorrow”

“Thank you for that! Loving this so much! You are such a good teacher – such wisdom! Wow!”

“so many gold nuggets in that audio I want to savor, ponder, and put into practice! XO”

“Thank you so much for the big blessing of that wonderful audio today Rita – it has blessed, encouraged, and helped me so much! XO”  – READ MORE COMMENTS HERE.


Here’s a Sneak Peak of one of the classes for YOU! 🙂



This SURVEY from my students proved how helpful this class was to them. (To ME too!) 🙂


YOUR “Organize your Soul ”   – DETAILS:


HOW:  a 7 Module Online video class to do at your own pace, on your own time.

Each video will build on the last, bringing you to a new focus each time. In a private Membership area you have access to this indefinitely.

INCLUDES: I’ve included 7 action packed videos, and weekly worksheets to help you take action.

Each Module I’ll help you look at one topic and build on that knowledge with each coming week.

Your Instructor:

Rita summer 2015Rita, author of “THE” BOOK, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys.  She enjoys making people smile and sharing God’s love with anyone who will listen. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, they lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by finding the #realcatholicbeauty in their lives by carrying their crosses with Joy!

Just say “YES” to GOD – AND make the commitment to your faith you know you need to find the courage you need for the rest of your life!


Over 2.5 hours of video & worksheets. You can take an afternoon to do it all, or spread it out during a month. All in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I’ll be there to guide you, whether you laugh or cry, I’ll be there. I only hope this will give you the insight and courage you need to love God better.

REG. $197 –

Our most POPULAR CLASS . One lady that took this class with me, has since passed away.  She took this to make her exit good. God rest her soul. If you’ve been thinking about this NOW is the time to grab it and make your days count.  We do not know HOW much time we have, don’t waste the time that God has given you. Join me TODAY!



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