I’m back. Well, I think I’m back…?


I’m back, well, I think I’m back…

Where has the time gone?
I was sitting here thinking, there is no time like the present to get back to doing God’s work. It was 15 years ago on Ash Wednesday that I started to write, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”. Lent is always a good time.

We are finally back on our land, (for those on our Facebook page you know this). We spent the last 6 months, homeless, living here and there, living from day to day trying to understand what our next step should be. Waiting on God’s next hint.

Starting from scratch to buy everything again is frankly overwhelming! There is a long story from that fateful day in July to now that I hope to start to share with you soon. (Much of it, I’ve been holding back.) It’s quite the story! πŸ™‚

Much of the last 6 months we had no dependable internet; so I couldn’t expect to start blogging. Now, as of January 14th, 2014 we are temporarily back on our own land, in a 600 square foot trailer.Β  The boys are finally settling down and I feel like its time for me to start writing again. This wait has sure given me a ton of time to think…yes those heavy subjects like heaven, hell, death and judgement.

How much of Little Flowers Family Press can be rebuilt? This is unknown. LFFA was my heart and soul, and a crushing loss for me to see it taken down so violently. But, I’ve overcome worse in my life that I thought would kill me, LOL πŸ™‚Β  so this was just one more thing that God pulled us through. Deo gratias. Am I smarter? Am I wiser? I shudder.

Lent is now in full swing, clocks have moved ahead (did you remember?) and spring is right around the corner, not much has changed in the real world.

We are working to raise the money we need to rebuild our home in 2014 see: www.davidsonfamilytrust.com and please SHARE!

I have work to do on our website, so don’t panic if you see some changes there. LOL πŸ™‚ I hope they will all be good ones.

We have our hard drives to get restored still. That will tell us whether we can bring back all those books you loved so much. Yes, that I loved so much. PLEASE pray, won’t you?!

After alot of heartwrenching discernment, I feel that God wants Little Flowers Family restored, so I am determined to rebuild for Him. Who else was this all for anyhow? In what capacity only He knows? When one door closes another opens, and I only hope this is a new beginning for us! Its so hard, when you can’t see ahead to trust what will happen, isn’t it?

So, for now I’m going to use what I have (which isn’t much!) LOL:) and bring you into my world as we rebuild our lives.

We have some hard questions to answer. Maybe you could give us some direction?
What articles would you like to see from me? Share with me your favorite topics, or the burning questions you would like me to answer? Maybe I’ll even answer them with a video reply? I think I can at least write and do a video! πŸ™‚

If you haven’t joined me on my Facebook page, I hope to see you there? I’ve been so blessed by everyone there that upheld us, as we went from day to day. I shared alot of prayers, essential oils, photo’s since our fire, gluten-free recipies; our photo journey!

For now, enjoy these few photo updates.

It is an honor and a pleasure to have you all here on my page, and I only pray I might bring some brightness to your day! May God’s will be done!

Much love,
Rita Xo πŸ™‚






A Photo Journey πŸ™‚


2014-03-06 19.01.48
My Gluten-free, Dairy-free Chicken Pot Pie’s that I made and shared on my Facebook page. Everyone wants the recipe, so watch for the recipe for this coming up soon! πŸ™‚






2014-02-23 12.03.13
The boys sledding down from where our home used to stand. It sure makes a good sled hill with the house gone now! πŸ™‚
2014-01-13 11.03.39
My Young Living Peppermint oil, I shared on my Facebook page when we were staying in motels. This helped to keep my head clear and kept my frequent headaches away. It was one in a set of 9, EveryDay Oils set, sent FREE to me by the Young Living Company after they heard about our fire! I LOVE this company! Praise God!
2014-02-28 15.52.09
Mark and I outside our trailer, joking around. That is a sneak peak behind us, of our 600 square feet, temporary trailer behind us. All we can do is laugh! πŸ™


Join me on my Facebook page, for more of these Spiritual nuggets! πŸ™‚


God bless and keep you all!

Β©Copyright 2014 Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “I’m back. Well, I think I’m back…?”

  1. Amy Frank Avatar

    I’m so glad you are back. I’ve prayed daily for you and your family and did rosary for all of you and prayed you would return to do your ministry. I’m going to be married May 17 this year to a very nice man. When I am settled I will make rosaries for you to give away for free. I’m hoping you will continue the modesty crusade. I wish I could do more than pray but I am sure God will send you what you need to continue His work. God bless you. Amy

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Amy!!!! Congratulations to you! I’m SO happy for you! WHat a blessing for you this May 17th! I will be sure to pray for you! Thank you so very much for your kind comments. I love to hear you are praying we will rebuild our our ministry. i am so blessed by those like you, that support us with your prayers! Please know I need your prayers more than ever! And something that you could also do, is share our fundraising page:
      http://www.davidsonfamilytrust.com that won’t take up time or money to share that page. Just pray generous souls respond. YES, God will send us what we need! God bless you Amy, I’m so thankful for you! Xo:)

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