Immaculate Heart Veil Registry Submission Form


Immaculate Heart Veil Registry SUBMMISSION FORM

In Memory of Susan Scott and Our Lady of Fatima



DEADLINE for SUBMISSIONS: JUNE 12, 2015 Feast of the Sacred Heart


This FORM must be PRINTED OUT, completed and returned to us.

Return it with your Sample veil to be included in the 2015-2016 listing.

Veils received without this form will not be included and not returned.

Be sure NOT to unsubscribe, as we need your email to confirm your listing and upcoming reviews or surprises.

DOWNLOAD Immaculate Heart Veil Registry for 2015 SUBMISSION FORM HERE.

  If you have any questions or problems with the form, contact us here.

God bless and keep you all!
With love,
Rita Xo 🙂


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