Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue saved from the ashes?!

Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue saved from the ashes?!

by Rita Davidson


Did you hear Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue, was saved from the ashes? YES! From an angry fire, that left us with 6 feet of charcoal to dig through.  Yes, the devil was angry, if you don’t believe me, just take a look at what I posted just days before our fire:  just 9 days before our fire!





Yes, just days before our fire July 10, 2013, I had finished editing the 3rd Edition of Immodesty Satan’s Virtue. As I sat on the side of the road holding my dear ones close, watching the flames and windows exploding from our LFFA office,  it was obvious to me where this raging fire came from.

Ever since I began my work for Our Lady and modesty we have been up against the world. It wasn’t the first time I encountered ‘fire’.

 Flashback to 1999: When I first wrote Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue, before it was published, we came home to a sulphorous smell all through our home. Lightening had stricken our home!

I ran to my computer and found my hard drive had been hit and our computer fried! But that smell lingered…Our amazing computer man took it and was able to retrieve our data and the manuscript of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue. BUT interestingly, the manuscript was SCRAMBLED! Unreadable, gooblygook!

But as I scrolled through the manuscript, low and behold, the Hail Mary prayer at the front of the book was saved and READABLE! I was shocked beyond measure! To see this Hail Mary prayer so readable amongst unreadable, scrambled words was humbling to say the least!

It was also the first time I realized I would be up against a lot getting this book in print. It wasn’t the first we encountered, as many of you know, but fast forward to July 2013 and our fire was well, frightening! If you haven’t seen my video announcement posted HERE. God was so good that He saved my book right from the flames. Six feet deep of charcoal, yet I pulled a paperback book unburned, a little scorched as you can see in the video, but saved!

Praise God for all His mercies!

Snakes have never been far from our family either. It seems they always show themselves at important times in our lives as well.

The first time we really encountered one, was when we were saying the rosary. (yes, imagine!) It was the feast of Pope Pius X, and we were gathered to say the rosary. When suddenly, from UNDERNEATH our Home Altar, slithered a very long, black snake….

The sudden shock was indescribable, but you can bet we got him out and resumed our rosary that day!

Fast forward to the Sunday morning after our fire, as we walked around our rubble, and were poking around, out slithered another snake! God help us, it WAS you, I thought! This slithering snake again coming out from the middle of our rubble, just to show off?  This wasn’t a week later, or a month, but the very Sunday after our fire. I grabbed a picture of him, before he slithered away. I think he now lives in the rocks here…watching us perhaps?

2013-08-03 10.49.13

While the fire, unsettled us here, threw a wrench into our dreams and plans, I was never more sure after our fire just who instigated it. I can never forget WHY I called this book, “Immodesty, SATAN’s Virtue”, as Satan has been playing with us ever since we started this work.

When God went through such miraculous means to save my BOOK from the fire, He also SAVED the ONE hardrive with the manuscript of my book as well. I knew I MUST get this book back in print for faithful souls looking for direction.

Never has there been a time like now to spread this message. Modesty has come full circle and many opponents have entered the arena to confuse and dilute the message.

Let me say, I am humbled beyond words, that Our Lady chose my book to carry such an important message, (If I could say such a thing)  I truly am only the messenger. May I decrease, while She and her Son increase! St Michael, defend us in this day of battle!

Help me now, to bring back “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” for a new generation of readers, and tell us what is the most pressing topic I missed covering in Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue?

Share with me your burning questions – go to my Contact Us page and send me your Modesty Story! 

With love,

Rita Xo 🙂

©Copyright 2014 Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved.

IMG_0905 Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Currently a writer, & published author, she is a former hairdresser, professional make up artist with a degree in Natural Health. She is now a Young Living Distributor. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, and more, they recently lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by carrying their crosses with Joy!


3 responses to “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue saved from the ashes?!”

  1. J Avatar

    Very intriguing, Rita. Please keep writing!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thank you so much Jean!
      Always pray God will inspire me with His word!

      God bless you,
      With love,
      Rita Xo 🙂
      Author of bestselling, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue’ saved from the ashes!! and more…! 🙂

  2. Janice Harder Avatar
    Janice Harder

    I wish more pro-life groups would take up the heroic cause of modesty. So many of these well-intentioned and GOOD groups do so much to promote life and chastity … remember chastity rings? I think they’re still common among certain teenages, but unfortunately, many of these same teens are not dressing and behaving modestly. I’ve known more than one break their chastity pledge, thanks to Satan. Modesty is the primary protector of purity, and so many seem completely ignorant of this simple safeguard. When Satan breaks down modesty (which he seems to do with much success), most every virtue falls behind it. It is indeed Satan’s Virtue, if I may borrow your title, and one of the loftiest battles to be fought. See you on the battlefield!

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