Our Lady's Return to Beauty Inner Circle

Do you wish you could meet a group of like-minded women who love modesty and Our Lord?

How about a group of women who love Our Lady yet love fashion too? What?  You say these can't belong together? Oh YES they can....

This is the reason I am starting Our Lady's Return to Beauty Inner Circle...because there are some important missing points in my first edition of "Immodesty, Satan's Virtue". That you cannot remove beauty from modesty... they go hand in hand.

Today there are voices EVERYWHERE thinking they understand modesty...they share the SAME quotes on modesty over and over again. It's sickening... But NO one is teaching how to help your husband understand modesty? NO one is showing you how to get your daughters to dress more modestly? NO one is showing you how to save your marriage because your husband hates modesty? No one is showing you how to dress modestly so you look fabulous and bring JOY to your husband?


For anyone who knows me, I am always on the run. With three disabled boys, Lyme appointments, my elderly mothers care... I'm always running on empty...but I easily dress like this most days. It gives me such joy and energy to see how happy others are to see me and helps me fulfill my vocation to my family better.

I want to help you...in 1999 I started Our Lady's Modesty Crusade© and counseled hundreds of women how to incorporate modesty into their lives. That was 19 years ago and things have sure changed since then. While the world and society has changed fiercely, modesty HAS NOT. But the confusion SURE has...

Modesty is so important it often affects your children, your husband and your friends, your family and your community. YES, all these people are affected! And woe to those that do this WRONG giving the WRONG impression of what modesty should be.

Join me for the ALL-NEW Our Lady's Return to Beauty Inner Circle where I will share my 20 years of researching modesty and my 30 years of researching skincare and beauty as as licensed Cosmetician as well as Pro Make up Artist. I LOVE Fashion and as a Certified Image Consultant I want to help you look and feel beautiful.

  • This monthly program is guaranteed to improve your spiritual life and give you the tools you need to take care of yourself and your family with JOY. I am SOOOO EXCITED....I want to SPOIL you with my tips and advice and reminders about self-care for YOU regularly!
  • I will share my BEST tips for natural make up so you can easily look your best just staying home!
  • I'll share how to be modest with today's fashions so you don't LOOK and FEEL like a toad.
  • I'll share my favorite Skin Care tips so you can age gracefully and wear less make up if you choose.
  •         I'll share my make up tips so you can wear make up that enhances you and helps you to look more like you, just better.
  • Together we will pray for the world and make reparation for sins in the world, because this is truly a time for the rise of good women in the world...and as Catholic women we are going to save the world by our tears and prayers - While being beautiful!

What you will get:

  • Monthly video topic we will dive deep on, where I will teach about modesty, faith, fashion and beauty
  • A private community group on Facebook (for women only) where you can join in the conversations and fun
  • A monthly Q & A with ME! where you can bring your questions about faith, fashion, modesty or beauty and more!
  • A monthly "Pamper YOU" Day where we will bring our favorite drink and do your nails, or a facial, so you can really feel pampered with me!
  • Weekly "Share your favorite outfit" day where you can show what your wearing and what you loved about it.
  • Surprises and giveaways!
  • Weekly Traditional Mass said for your intentions
  •  and much much more!



Q. Why does this cost $- a month?

A. This cost covers the time it takes to manage the Private Facebook Group so there are no spammers or people who cause trouble. This cost also covers the cost of hosting the video's so you can access the recordings forever. (well as long as I'm alive!) This cost also covers my professional time in creating the lessons and resources so that you can come away knowing you are on the right track with your faith, your marriage and your beauty, fashion and modesty. This cost also covers the stipends we sent to traditional priests who say Mass for your intentions weekly.


Q. But I can go to lots of free Facebook groups on modesty why should I join yours?

A. Free does not always mean better. Often these facebook groups are started with the right intentions but taken over by someone without the same intentions. I've seen many modesty facebook groups taken over by MEN, that give me the CREEPS! No thank you! These free modesty groups become hotbeds of gossip and backbiting and often discourage many who are looking for clear answers how to incorporate modesty into the lives. I also want to take my experience as a Licensed Cosmetologist, Pro Make up Artist, and Image Consultant and bring you beauty and fashion news to help you pull together an easy look that you and your husband will LOVE. Lastly, most people need to show they are serious...how many free ebooks do you have on your computer unread? How many online classes did you get for free and didn't watch?....exactly. When people join for free they don't take it seriously and never make the changes they want too. The small monthly sacrifice... suddenly helps you become serious about making changes and your commitment shows. So paying benefits everyone.

Just $- a month

What are you waiting for?

Where the world is threatening us on all sides, women have a choice, we can cower in fear and overwhelm, or we can bravely take our place in the world where God can use us to spread His light. By knowing your faith, your particular beauty, your fashion style, your best hairstyle, your faith, God can use you for His good in the world.

Now you can enjoy belonging to an exciting group of women who love fashion and beauty yet value modesty too!

You'll have access to me for support, encouragement and inspiration as well as all the benefits above including recordings from each month you can keep forever!

Who is this for?

  • Moms who love to dress up to stay home.
  • Women who want to look beautiful for their husbands.
  • Grandmothers who need support on their modesty journey.
  • Mothers who are trying to pass modesty along to their children.
  • Women looking for fashion resources and ideas for their wardrobes.
  • Women who are afraid to wearing skirts but want to start.
  • Women looking for skincare or makeup advise without all the immodesty.
  • Women who want to learn how to sew.
  • Women who always wanted to make their own skin care, jewellery and more


Who this is NOT FOR

  • Women who think modesty doesn't matter.
  • Mothers who don't care if their children are immodest.
  • Women who think beauty is evil and vain.
  • Women who think make up is vain.
  • Women who think fashion is evil.
  • Men.

Reg. $ a month


Now Closed

Join our wait-list for when it will open again.





I CAN'T WAIT to SEE you in the group!

With much love,

Rita xxo 🙂

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