Interested in Essential Oils? Quick Start Guide is Here!


Interested in Essential Oils? Your QUICK START GUIDE is Here!

When I started with Young Living, it was on a whim to try out some oils. I had used Lavender for years before and Tea Tree Oil was as common in our house as salt and pepper, so surely they must have some value?

I was a bit of a skeptic at first. I mean I dislike MLM companies with a capital “D”. But, once I got started, I was hooked.  I mean this company replaced ALL my oils after our fire for FREE! That is a GREAT company with an even GREATER heart, and I was proud to be a part of that. It really was a no-brainer… 🙂



1. Start by going HERE  to learn why I trust the purity of Young Living oils. Did you know many store bought oils actually have fillers and are not truly therapeutic? They can have adverse effects instead! In fact if you live near one of their farms YOU could go there and watch the process yourself! Amazing!


2. If your curious about Essential oils, and just want to learn more about them. Go HERE and Sign Up for our FREE monthly Mom’s Toolbox calls. Each month has a different way to use the oils from pets to cleaning to skin care all FREE! 🙂


3. If you have learned enough and want to try them out and purchase them, go HERE to our Young Living Store.

FB YoungLivingJulyBUT WAIT,

before you hop over and start shopping, did you know if you sign up as ‘wholesale’ instead of ‘customer’ you can save a minimum 24% off all the prices?

YES! This was one of the MAIN reasons I signed up too! You never have to sell anything. Just as long as you buy $50 a year you can continue getting a 24% discount to use the oils for your own needs!

Spending $50 a year is so easy when you want to see your family healthier like us. It was imperative for us to reduce our toxin and chemical load, because of our ongoing health problems, so signing up as a Young Living Member with Essential Rewards was the best thing we did.

We now get 24-44% off all our products and Free Oils every month! Here is a picture of the Free Oils I got just this month!

YL Rewardpts

We’d love your family to enjoy greater health benefits as our family has, so I hope you’ll Join us HERE now!

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