It’s #givingtuesday and guess what?

GOODMORNING my friends!!

It’s #givingtuesday and did you know we still need to raise funds for our house repair after our ? fire?

Gofundme has not been making this easy when they took down our page to update their payment processing and removed our history . Now when the page is shared the wrong link goes out so no one can find our page to donate. I’m thinking we will need to change our fundraising page, but seriously if we could just raise what we need I could close this page for good!

I know there are so many causes and we’ve been asking for so long… please understand our need is real as so many others are.

so here is a direct link I pray works? ? and our update from yesterday is below.

please donate and help us complete this work! Thank you my friends for sharing to friends and family !

God bless you

our update from Yesterday

I promise to start writing ✍? more as soon as I can find the space in our busy, renovation house ? (I have classes to teach, wisdom to share (I hope) books to write for you … all in hopes of inspiring you to live your faith in peace during these troubling times… please pray for us as I pray for you ..

With love

Rita and family ?


I’ve heard that Facebook fundraisers will match donations ? Has anyone heard about this?

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