It’s time to fix your own soul

By Rita Davidson

ALL our actions show what we are…?

If we ever thought no one is paying attention just watch children how they mimic adults. ?

Today more than ever our actions prove our love of God. We all have family members that have fallen away from the faith right? ? Well it is not our words that will bring them back but our ACTIONS. ??If we are a hypocrite we can NEVER convince anyone of anything. We must fix our own soul before we try to fix another. TRUTH! The most important thing you can do is to fix your own soul. One day God might call you up to convert a VERY important soul, and ask you to be the VESSEL. Prepare everyday for this important work of your soul so that you will be ready when He calls you to witness for HIM. ???????? #witnessforjesus #fixyoursoul

Are you ready to fix your own soul?

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