"While there is light, Let us work! God's grace working in the world.



"While there is light, let us work!"



 I was reading this article, called "A Diet of Popcorn and Mindless Entertainment at the Movies" and I realized it was missing and important angle to it.

The article is here: www.lifesitenews.com/news/a-diet-of-popcorn-mindless-entertainment-at-the-movies

A Diet of Popcorn and Mindless Entertainment at the Movies. by Eric Mataxas

 Eric, goes on to give us a review of his going to see this movie with his daughter and coming out blank. Though he had nothing to complain about it in particular, it just to him, was mindless.


I have to say, most of our culture today is ‘mindless’ isn’t it ? And that is tame. If we wanted to really learn something would we really go to a movie theatre to learn anything?
The purpose of a theatre, in my dictionary;

a play or other activity or presentation considered in terms of its dramatic quality: this is intense, moving, and inspiring theater.
• a movie theater.

 I think the first problem here is, Eric forgot this was a theatre.

Secondly, I think he forgot that we are living in the 21st century when, most public places have been taken over by secular entertainment.

 But one other problem I see in Christian circles is a kind of austerity that seeks to dwell only where fully Catholic/Christian things are. Granted, it is a wonderful position to be in, so full of faith that nothing of this world satisfies. This is the goal we are all working towards. But, problem is most of us are living in this world, just trying not to be ‘of it’.

Many of us have children and bringing up families in this day and age is a challenging one. I will admit to enjoying, sometimes even mindless movies, if it happens to be clean and entertains after a long stressful day. As Eric shares, he went to the theatre with his daughter to enjoy the movie. While this particular movie might be tame compared to many Hollywood movies, (we haven’t seen it yet) I hate it to be used to take away the little hope we have. Fr. Martindale once said, that "you will find an element due to an effect of Catholic working in the world." Meaning, that all good things we have in this world are examples of God’s grace working in the world. Sometimes we just need to look a little closer to see it. I read this so long ago and have since always tried to find the element of the faith, hiding amongst the secular world. Proof that God is working behind the scenes.

Take Hollywood for example; What about the good movies that have come from Hollywood?

Movies of courage, hope, beauty, faith and more. Movies like The Village that shows us beauty and love again. Or how about Defiance, showing us courage and hope during a time of war. Recently there is For Greater Glory coming, about the Mexican Revolution. It’s actually coming to threatres June 1st ! Akeelah and the Bee showed us hope and perserverance. The Passion, showed us for the first time, a real live Savior that we were moved to tears for. My shelves are filled with movies that were hand picked from all that Hollywood has put out. I agree there is much to be disliked in Hollywood. And much more to be feared! But with Clearplay viewers, there is a glimmer of hope. 

Fr. Martindale continues, "How careful, then, shall we be not to exclude with hostility what is not frankly Catholic – it is material on which, in which the Catholic Fa(ith) must work. How wise we shall be to seek out in anything that is, that which provides a point of contact, contains already a true and right ingredient."

We have hope that God’s grace is still working in the world. Hope that for every dozen movies put out that belong on the trash heap, one small writer, producer puts out a movie of substance. Sometimes when I look at these directors its as if, they don’t realize what they are doing. But, God is working through them reaching out to the world. Let us pray that more good family movies may come out of Hollywood. Let us pray for more Christian/Catholic producers to enter the field and start producing good quality movies. Let us take back a portion of that industry that has so much power to do good.

Let us find the glimmers of God’s grace in this world, that we may bring our children up not corrupted, but strong in the faith and able to defend it with their very lives.


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3 responses to “"While there is light, Let us work! God's grace working in the world.”

  1. Shin Avatar

    I am a big fan of ‘No TV’ and ‘No Movies’, Fr. Frank Poncelet did a lot getting that message out, and he’s not alone.

    Even in movies about saints there are problems — problems, often overlooked but with real serious effect. Until a person gives it up, the troubles aren’t understood. But afterwards, the great spiritual benefits of doing without it, get spiritual lives out of ruts, refresh the soul, bring families closer together, and bring each individual closer to salvation.

  2. Denise Michaud Avatar

    The main contradiction here is that in order for this message to get out, the medium of te computer is used. What good does it do to give up TV and movies if they are simply replaced with mindless time wasted online? There is bad mixed in with the good, so what is needed is to be properly disposed and disciplined whatever the medium may be. Time in prayer and a timer for when it’s time to sign off!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

      This is not a contradiction Denise. I did not say to give up TV and movies, and I don’t believe all time online is simply mindless. Granted some people do use it for a mindless escape, but we can’t throw the baby out with the bathtub as they say. Moderation is always the key to keep ourselves under control. Moderation is what keeps us from remembering we are human, and helps us to enjoy the life that God put before us, instead of being a sad saint.  🙂

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