Little Flowers Family Press Destroyed by Fire

Rita Davidson and Family

Fire consumes the Davidson home and business. Photo by Beth Girdler.

My friends it is with a heavy heart beyond words, I share that we lost our home, our business, our entire livelihood last Friday (July 19th 2013) with a fire.

We barely got out with our lives. Just 45 min later our entire house was done. We are thankful God found reason to spare us and our 4 boys, three with autism. The devil was mighty upset for our work i guess.

I’m hope you don’t mind my posting this and asking for your prayers and support. We had no insurance and rebuilding our lives will be a huge job. Rebuilding ‘Little Flowers Family Press’ will be an even larger job. But, if God wills it, this won’t be the last from us.

As we try to make sense of our life, we cling to God, who is our ‘all’ now that all our earthly possessions have been stripped away. In His mercy, He has saved us from destruction, for a purpose.

Below are local news stories and information on a trust fund and fundraising efforts for us.

Please share as you are able. Thank you all for listening. I love you all.


Local news story

Local Article

Local Article online

Davidson Family Trust Facebook page

Facebook Local Community gathers to help

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  1. Hello Rita, we were devasted to hear of the loss of your home and Litle Flowers Press. We have oredered from you before and have appreciated your good work. This week our family will be forwarding some money to your Trust Fund. Be assured of our prayers. We will have a Mass said for your family.

    God Bless and protect you, Beth and Amy Blythe Sudbury Ontario.

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  2. I am so sorry what happened to you and your family. I will have your names added to the prayer chain of my parish. Blessings and may God protect you. Amy Frank

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I too lost everything. Please know that God will bring you out of this and place you where He wants you to be. He is only asking for trust right now. This is the time for you and your family to praise Him in the shadows. He has great plans for all of you!

  4. I’m at a lost for words! Indeed the devil ‘tried’ to stop your good work. But, our prayers are with you and your family. Thanks be to God you all are safe!

    With your permission I would like to help spread the word. Many of us have Little Flowers groups and would love to help!

    May Our Lady comfort you with her intercessions!

    God Bless!!

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      Yes please do spread the word by sharing this blog post. We are homeless right now living at a campground and trying to raise funds to get back a home before winter sets in. Thank you for your kind words and all your prayers and donations. God will see us through! Xo 🙂 Rita

  5. We are so very sorry for your loss…our prayers and thoughts for your family. We have seven young children, also. We were married in the Ancient Roman rite by Fr. Rama Coomaraswamy in 2003. Anything we can do to assist:

    Pete and Katie Secondo
    409 Shoemaker Road
    Van Etten, NY 14889
    607 589 6612

    God be with you…

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      Hello Pete and Katie,
      Your kind comments are appreciated. Your prayers for us would be top on our list. Masses said for our intentions and our needs. Right now we are praying we can recover something on our many hardrives that might save our apostolate. Lastly anyone who can send donations in any amount by mail or by PayPal on our website. Please join our mailing list to be sure to get our updates. Once I have a laptop again I will be blogging again God willing. God bless you and thank you. Rita xo

  6. I just saw this news. I’m horrified! I bought your book “Immodesty: Satan’s Virtue” years ago and it’s, in my humble opinion, the BEST book out there on the subject.
    Hope and pray you are able to rebuild. Thank God for sparing your lives.

  7. Sorry about your loss. I just am finding out. I bought the modesty book a long time ago. I was looking to buy a soul in hell. Several in fact to give away. If you have them . Am willing to buy and sent a donation.God bless you n family

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      Hello Lupe!
      So good to hear from you again! (yes, I remember you! 🙂

      We are waiting for the author to send up the updated copies and then you will see them in our upcoming NEW STORE LAUNCH!
      So I suggest for you to join our Email list, on the right side here, and be sure to stay on our list to find out when titles will be available.
      Thank you so much Lupe and do please pray for our rebuilding!
      God bless you,
      Rita 🙂
      Author: published author of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” 2001, and more!

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