New – Little Flowers Family Press – Spring Flyer & New Titles

New – Click on the Flier to download – Spring Flyer & New Titles

Welcome to our New 2013 Spring Flyer! Now available for you to download to your computer!

 Many of our latest titles are not available on our website, so you can only use them by using our QUICK ORDER FORM on the Left side.

 I was so excited to share these new titles with you that I released some of them a bit early. But here they are with more.

 Our faith today is so important. With the growing darkness around us, we must learn about our faith to be able to bring that light and grace in this world.

 Surround yourself and your family with good, trustworthy Catholic books and activities. Build that culture around your home, that your children need to learn and absorb the faith.

 Provide for them that safe haven that they will remember fondly and hopefully grow up with a fervent adult faith.


God bless you and your families!

With love,

Rita Xo




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