My Birthday, you save !

GOODMORNING my friends !

It’s been a long time since I sent you an outfit post. Now that I’m figuring out this blog post thing I thought I better start!

Of course I got sooo distracted with LIFE and didn’t send this when I planned a week ago (oops!) so I will try to be more consistent. I really will !

I have been posting my daily outfits on social media for over 2 years as a fashion blogger and beauty blogger – does anyone even know why?! (Watch for my why in an upcoming blog post) 😉

Today I have a secret!!! Shhhhh Can’t tell anyone

Yesterday (October 23) I turned 50 ! ??? Yup I’ve been alive for 50 x 365 days now haha ? (someone do the math ?)

  • I’m feeling pretty good in this outfit.
  • Blanket Scarf – Pennington’s? and
  • Shirt and Jacket – Lularoe Jessica Kember
  • denim Skirt – Cotton Ginny brand

Thank you Jesus and Mary for letting me be alive this year! ????

I don’t have a kitchen still, yes still as of November !) I’m not cured of my Lyme or my Bell’s palsy (I still have a paralyzed face, joint pains and more) but I’m here! Be thankful my friends…I am thankful for YOU !!

And now for my secret – for a limited time only you can get my Book

Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue at 5.00 OFF!!

YES! A NEVER BEFORE SEEN SAVINGS just cause I am SO GRATEFUL to you all for your prayers for me!

so it’s my birthday and YOU get the gift . I’m thinking I’m going to celebrate all year since I’m 50 now.. haha ?


Just use code: mybirthdayyousave5

And I can’t wait to tell you why I’ve been posting as a fashion and beauty blogger for the last two years – Watch for my upcoming news!

But hurry this savings will only be here for one week!!

Unless I forget lol

With much love,

Rita Xxo


Who wants to see more outfits from me and fashion and beauty tips?

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