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My Top 5 Favorite Skin Care products for you…

As many of you know I’ve been taking on clients for skincare Consults… (You can sign up for your Skin Care Consult HERE.) as so many ask me how I could look this good with this many kids. Haha ?

Well, being a licensed Cosmetologist helps but I’m actually on a constant search for my own skin care needs as my birthdays roll by .. I mean who isn’t? ?

So many things in my life continue to teach me how important beauty is… from the aftermath of our housefire… to my contracting Lyme and Bells Palsy … all my heart has ever yearned for is beauty. And I’m not just talking beauty of the soul… there is that too. But we are all too scared about talking about our beauty… everyone thinking it is all vain. But is it really? I beg to differ… but that’s for another blog post… ?

But I couldn’t wait to share with you one of my favorite skin care lines! I have actually used Ann Marie Gianni Skin Care for almost 5 years (off and on) I’ve watched this small company grow… and it’s been great seeing their formulas improve to today! After my Lyme last year, I needed to avoid chemicals and was glad I already found natural Skin Care I could safely use.

Now what is my favorite product? Ohhh that will be hard to narrow down! But here are my Top 5 products I am using now for you; (and they are always coming out with more too!)

Aloe Cleanser

One of my favorite aloe Vera based cleansers – has a light refreshing scent you will love and doesn’t leave your skin stripped (especially nice for us over 40 ladies ?)

Neroli Toning Mist

Forget your toners! Did you know toners are drying out your skin? STOP! ?Now you can get a toning effect with natural Neroli that will reduce large pores and prepare your skin for moisturizer without stripping.

Wild Fruit Serum

Ohhh so yummy! This smells so great you could eat it! Oh did I tell you all of Ann Marie Gianni is safe enough to eat? Yes that natural! ??This fruit serum will brighten dull, lackluster skin without stripping or chemicals. Use it a few times a week after Neroli Toning Mist.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your skin care is changing to an oil moisturizer. Even for oily skin, using an oil moisturizer will balance the oil production in your skin and will help make it less oily. This lightly scented oil will plump your skin just right to face your day.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

No daily regime is complete without eye cream. This light all natural eye cream will protect the delicate under eye cream in all natural ingredients.

Take a look at their entire product line here. Then come back and let me know what products you will be trying out? You will be so happy how your skin looks after just a few days!?

If you want to join me for your own personal Skin Care Consult to understand which products you need for your unique skin care needs, grab a spot right here. I can’t wait to help you look and feel your best too 🙂

Stay tuned for more from me coming soon.

With love,

Rita Xxo ?


*Some links can be affiliate links but I only recommend products I actually use!

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