My Lyme and weight gain and house updates

Happy Eastertide my friends!!

My heart feels so renewed and I’m so grateful to Lent and how it reminds us of how important our sacrifices are. :>

My health is still an issue with my Lyme treatments ongoing. My Lyme and weight gain….But last year I suddenly added about 30lbs to my already overloaded body <cue shocked face> so I began investigating starting with bloodwork and what-in-the-blazes  (BLEEP) is going on (besides menopause ) 🙁

Long story short I am now treating my thyroid ( part of my weight gain) and now have an enlarged liver as well! Heavens to Betsy….

I can’t even remember if I told you or not? (Thanks Lyme brain! ) so have more testing coming up in a week that I could really use your prayers for. (Please!)

So enough about me – look at our house updates!!!

davidson family trust

A pretty new floor was laid in the basement!

This was mistaken for a swimming pool on my Instagram and I had to laugh as It sure reminded me of one! Lol Our basement is only 4 feet high so not going to be very useful except storage maybe. Sigh But the drainage work will go a long way to clear up all our water issues. (Thank you Jesus!)

davidson family trust

Our yard got its wood delivery and is looking more like a lumber yard now! (Thankfully it included an extra load of sand for the boys sandbox too 🙂

davidson family trust

Next the Subfloor was put on…

davidson family trust

and winter returned – So bitterly cold I was sitting here – but the subfloor is on!!

davidson family trust

Excitement was hard to contain when the first wall went up!! Woohoo

Woohoo ! Praise God ! I’m standing in what will be my new office/studio soon – happy dance 🙂

where so can finally get back to writing (my love!) more books and articles for you. Teach more classes and help you live and LOVE your modest life better!

I also have plans to sew some beautiful clothes, paint more beautiful paintings, and make some beautiful jewelry in there! 🙂

davidson family trust

Things were moving so quickly – it was hard to keep up! Til Thursday when we spent a day outside (in the freezing cold) to be there to ask questions and answer them. Planning for doors and windows is big work. Lol

davidson family trust

STOP – It wasn’t long til we hit our first big issue. MOLD (again!)

Planning the roof pitch they soon realized the 2nd floor windows were too low. Sigh 🙁

So that meant they had to move the top windows up by a foot. 🙁 That took a whole day refitting one. The other will not fit so we need to buy a smaller one. Sigh

But the biggest shock was to find the extensive rot and mold on the wall when their ladder went through the wall! 🙁

davidson family trust

It turns out – our entire wall was so rotten it too needs to be replaced! Sweeet Jesus not more!!!!!

This comes only after our internet company found out our fascia was all rotten when they couldn’t attach our internet tower to anything.

<insert shocked face>

Well my friends that’s our week. We could sure use your prayers for my upcoming tests and for this week. This week we will uncover the wall to see how extensive the rot is and see how far it needs replacing. Sweet Jesus mercy!

PLEASE support our rebuilding fund and share our page before we run out of funds to finish this:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With MUCH love,

Rita and family






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