My prayer for 2019

Happy New Years !! The day started out uneventful…. but as the day drew on I became more introspective and sick….. here are my thoughts on 2019 and my prayer…. I hope you enjoy…

“Oooh my sweet Lord… my prayer in 2019 for YOU!

Oh that nations may adore Thee, that broken hearts will find Thee, that lonely souls will find Thee and that the weary may find rest in Thee.. that cold hearts may be warmed by the flames of Your love ❤️ and all our loved ones who have forgotten Thee will find You again… our hearts are truly restless til they rest in Thee.. my prayer for 2019

and later New Year’s Day….

Happy New Year my friends. I’m so thankful for another year to praise God with my life. it’s been a long day and our house is starting the year with the cold/flu season… and it’s my turn… 100F temperature and chills… but all I could do was laugh… and then cry as hubby did the House Blessing for today… *

O Lord let me be your fool that there may be no pride left in me… that all who see me may only see Christ in me… let’s make this year one of Peace and love for Jesus our King

well my first indication that God took my prayer seriously is I was alerted that we did this House Blessing on the WRONG day.. Ohh yes and I blasted it on social media for all to see too. O Lord help me…. such a fool that I am..

I guess when you have flu-brain you can be forgiven. Right God? But having my husband do this blessing well that sealed about everything for me. No wonder I was laughing and crying… as many of you might remember hubby isn’t Catholic… (shhh don’t tell him!) so ladies never stop praying for your man… with God all things are possible!

with much love in 2019

Rita Xxo

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