My prayer for you in time of sickness

My friends,

as the world comforts itself in a frenzy of toilet paper… let this prayer be your comfort.

Look to Jesus as your Comfort and look to God as your medicine

Whether you believe your going to die

or you believe it’s a hoax by the government.

Both responses need our PRAYER right?

I posted this prayercard on my Facebook page and it went wild… I want you to have it here as well and share it with your loved ones.


I’ve been going live daily on Facebook and will be doing a Facebook live on the “Coronavirus What Catholics Should do”  and what we can do.

I hope you’ll join me there?


The world needs to turn back to God. God is greater than any fear… we went to a concert, the day the toilet paper went wild here. And it was a FULL house of faithful fearless Christians – so inspiring!

A Christian band – For King and Country  Their music is so fitting for this time. Our concert became a crisis for us .. I’ll share that on another post, for another time. You can see the last two songs they sang that night for us HERE.

I hope you will look them up and enjoy their music?

Til next time,





Stay healthy and have courage,

With much love,

Rita xxo 🙂


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