One of my FAVORITE kinds of letters…

by Rita Davidson
I got this letter a little while back and well it brought such a SMILE to my face that I just set it aside for it to percolate for a bit…I think I sat it away for a bit TOO long for my own selfishness. LOL I thought it’s time I bring this out for you all to see. This seventeen year old girl had something to say about my book, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” and well, I am MIGHTY proud of this family to have a daughter so in love with modesty. ahhhh just warms my heart…<3
 So let me introduce you to Maria and you can find her letter below.
DO leave your comments HERE where she can read them. I know she’ll be reading too…well… er… I hope Lisa you’ll get her a glimpse of this…  🙂
With love,
Rita xxo

Dear Mrs Davidson,

“Hi!” 🙂 My name is Maria Austin and I am seventeen years old. I read your book “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” and it was Excellent. 🙂 I read the book in Four Days. It was that good and I couldn’t put it down. What I really liked about the book was how easy it was for me to understand it. I also liked how you grouped up the subjects into chapters. That made it so much easier to understand.

Oh, I also liked how you gave advise for what to look for in clothing. The pictures you had were great but the coolest was a real picture (black and white) of one of your relatives I think it was your Great Grandmother. 🙂 (actually my grandmother that I never met. ed.) I would advise all teenage girls to read this book. It’s great and easy to read.

Thank you Mrs. Davidson for such a Great book. We need more books like this one in the corrupt world we live in these days.

Thank you again.

In the Immaculate Heart,

Maria Austin 🙂

(daughter of Mike and Lisa Austin, that lovely couple from Magnificat Radio, you can see their work (and some of my interviews!!! here –>


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One response to “One of my FAVORITE kinds of letters…”

  1. Jacinta Avatar

    SO cool! I’m so glad that younger girls are into REAL Catholic Modesty!! Yessss! (does little dance)

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